Morgan and Randy

how we met

Randy and I first met at Shady Acres Rodeo in Grays Creek, NC. I was there to watch the show and he was there to ride the bulls. We have seen each other around Shady Acres before and also out dancing at Cadillac Ranch since we share the same group of friends. However the night that started our story was there at the rodeo on a stormy summer evening. Randy just got done riding, came sat with me on the fence of the arena, and started to talk to me. Usually we wouldn’t say more than just hello or good-bye, but this night we looked into each other’s eyes and talk about everything and anything in our crazy lives. The next thing I knew, the sky fell and everyone took shelter to the barn but we enjoyed one another’s company so much that we stayed put and soaked in the rain. Little did we know that was the start of our own little fairy tale.

how they asked

So let me tell you, Randy and I were dating for 3 years before he proposed and I was thinking I was going to have to pop the question to get this man to marry me! But he waited for the perfect moment!! We normally go on a vacation every year with my family and this time, it was Disney World. On our third day, we went to Magic Kingdom and when we walked through the parade and up to the castle, we took a few family photos before we explored the park. My dad told Randy and I to get together for a photo but Randy explained he needed to be on the left side…”What, the left side is MY good side!” Little did I know, when I turned around to pull him in close to me, he was on one knee!! He said “Morgan, you and Seth are my world. Will you forever be my beauty and always take me as your beast?” His hands were shaking so bad and tears started flooding from both our eyes. It was honestly a dream come true! To be engaged to the man of my dreams wit our son and family there cheering for us. And since he used a Disney reference during the proposal in front of the castle, we saw it fitting for our wedding hashtag to be #BeautyandtheBarnhill.

Special Thanks

Cherry Bloom Photography
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