Morgan and Patrick

How We Met

Morgan and I met about 5 years ago. She was a waitress at a restaurant. I was there with my best friend, his dad, and his dad’s friend. I had no idea who she was but when she went walking by I turned to my friend and his dad and said: “See her, I’m going to marry her one day”. Now we officially never talked that day, but soon I found out she was talking to someone I knew and he would bring her around sometimes. That’s when I introduced myself. For years we would go about and do our own thing. We even dated other people but we always stayed friends and always talked. Inside I knew I was always going to marry her. I just don’t know why I never tried earlier to be with her. It was about 4 years later we both ended our relationships around the same time. Honestly, we both got out of pretty rough relationships so we weren’t really looking for anything. We randomly saw each other at a bar and just started talking about everything and we 100% clicked. Sadly she told me she was moving away to Cincinnati to manage a hotel. Even though I knew this was going to be a challenge I told her “you just wait and see, I’m not going to quit trying”.

I gave it two weeks and got ahold of her. I was checking to see how her job was and how she was, I wanted her to have time to settle in and not look too desperate haha. She told me she had been waiting to hear from me. Honestly, I was kind of hesitant, I wasn’t sure if she was really wanting me to call or not. That day I set up a date to come down and visit. I bought us tickets to a reds and Cardinals baseball game and tickets to the zoo/aquarium. We had such a good time I knew I couldn’t wait to come back. I waited for about a month and set up another time to come back. This time I bought us tickets to see TOOL our favorite band! That was on Nov 5, 2019. After that concert and the next two days we had, I knew I was in love with her without a doubt. We just matched like nothing before, Pretty indescribable. After that, we knew we couldn’t wait another month to see each other, and it seemed like every other weekend we saw each other until New Years and that’s when we said we wanted to marry each other. Honestly, she just told me what kind of ring she wanted. I asked for size, what kind of diamond and setting and maker and never forgot.

It was the week after New Years I contacted Forever Diamonds, designed the ring and started having it made. From the day I asked Morgan how she was in Cincinnati I didn’t let more than 3 days go by and I would call her. Every week from that day until she moved in I would call her and see how she was and we would literally talk for hours. I have never wanted to talk to anyone in my life as much as her. It’s a year later and here we are, engaged.

Where to Propose in Central Park, NY

How They Asked

Morgan and I had been talking about getting married. She had fallen in love with this company called “Forever Diamonds” and had told me what kind of ring she would like. The company makes custom rings and was located in New York so I figured it was perfect since we had been talking about going there for a while. I told her I had scheduled a tattoo appointment, so I knew that would be a perfect excuse to travel there.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NY

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NY

The morning the ring was ready I told her I was going to check out where the tattoo appt was. When I got back I had the ring hidden in a McDonald’s bag. I told her we were going to check out the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park and possibly a flash mob I knew she wouldn’t question it.

She had been talking about that statue for months and how much she loved it as a little girl. I had been doing a little looking and I decided to propose under this awning called “Wagners cove” I figured it was a little more romantic and personal rather than being out in the open. When we got down to the spot I got so nervous all I could say is “you know how much I love you” and asked her to marry me. I was way too nervous and got choked up. This was at the beginning of the whole virus thing so there were still people out but that wasn’t stopping us from coming there.

Special Thanks

Tatiana Caicedo
 | Photographer