Morgan and Nick

Morgan and Nick's Engagement in Eatonton, Ga

How We Met

Nick and I met four years ago when we were counselors at a summer camp (really, we met briefly almost four years prior to that when we sat next to each other at a dinner event where I knocked my drink over and got it all over the table and him- yay for first impressions). Needless to say we hit it off better during our second encounter. We spent every second together when we were off the clock and my friends at camp loved giving me a hard time about this boy that I was giving up much needed sleep on the weekends for. He was going to school almost three hours away from where I would be come fall and no one was really convinced it was going to be more than a summer fling. I, however, wasn’t so sure it wouldn’t be something more. AND I WAS RIGHT. After 4 years of long distance (minus two more summers at camp together) Nick got down on one knee and I said YES to being his forever summer fling.

how they asked

First, a little back story to the place he proposed: My father is the director at the camp where Nick and I worked and where he proposed. I spent every summer living there with my family from when I was 11 to the time I was able to be a counselor. To me, this camp is not only the place that Nick and I met and fell in love, but it is also a representation of my childhood. For these two reasons, it’ll always hold such a special place in my heart.

So on June 21, 2018, the camp was holding their annual alumni night where past counselors come together and watch the traditional Thursday night camp activities and reminisce about their time as counselors. Nick and I, along with all of our camp friends had planned to go to this event. A month prior, my best friend had asked me if I would be willing to go up early that day and fill in for an adult leader from her county that was going to have to leave. I agreed, knowing I would have to be there that night anyway. All afternoon I was assigned to “pool duty”. Obviously, my best friend and my mom didn’t expect me to actually get IN the pool so around 4:45 my mom came down to the pool and told me that I needed to leave early and go up to the house and shower because maintenance was going to shut off the water to fix something (totally believable, they had already done that once this summer). As I was finishing my makeup before heading down to the alumni reception, it started to rain. I texted Nick and told him that it was raining and to be safe coming from work to camp. He responded saying it was only drizzling a little where he was, but that he would be safe (little did I know he was STANDING in this rain waiting for me). As I was about to walk out the door, the leader from the county I was helping cover for, called me frantically and asked if I would be willing to walk down the camp’s nature trail to find an inhaler that a camper had dropped earlier that day. She told me she would do it, but she had to take a child to the health cottage and was busy at the moment. I felt bad that she was having to deal with all this so I told her not to worry about it and that I would go find it. Well, by this point the rain was really coming down so I can’t say I was 100% thrilled about having to do this either. However, I knew I needed to help so I grabbed an umbrella and started walking down the all to familiar trail in the pouring rain to look for the inhaler. Instead what I found was Nick, soaking wet and standing on a bridge that we had walked over a million times, waiting to ask me to be with him forever. It is just like Nick to not have a rain plan, but it is also just like Nick to be so determined to make something happen that rain can’t even change his plans. When we got off the trail he had arranged for our friends and family to be there waiting to celebrate with us. This is the kind of guy I get to spend my life with and I am SO excited for it.

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