Morgan and Nate

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How We Met

My good friend, Morghan, set Nate and I up! It took me forever to finally say yes to go on a date with him but when I did go out with him, I knew by our second date that I was going to marry him one day.

how they asked

So the night started out with Nate and I going to dinner at Flemings. After that we went to Home Depot to get a bottle of spray paint and then went to a spot that we went on our first date to. It is the waterfall up Ogden Canyon and right by the waterfall there’s a bridge that people spray paint on so Nate spray painted “M+N 12/26/2017”. I wasn’t really sure why he wrote the date on there but I thought it was cute and had no idea what was going on. As were driving home Nate looked over at me and said “do you trust me morgan?” Of course I said yes and then he gave me a blindfold and told me to put it on. At this point I was getting super excited because I figured something was going on. We continue to drive for about 10 minutes and we pull into a parking lot and Nate helps me into another car. I was a little confused at this point because I wasn’t sure why we were in a different car. We drove some more as I was still blind folded but I was just going along with it. Next thing I know Nate is helping me out of the car and helping me walk down a snowy path. We walked for what seemed like forever. Then he took my blindfold off and I open my eyes to a lit path with Rose petals leading to a little red barn with lights everywhere and pictures of us hanging on the barn. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and then my family and his family popped out from behind the trees that also had lights. It was so magical and the most perfect night. I couldn’t be more excited to marry the love of my life and my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Erin Rich
 | Photographer
Trudy and Dirk Keyes
 | Planning
Marie and Troy Bybee
 | Planning