Morgan and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met at The Ohio State University in 2010 when we were randomly assigned to live on the same floor of our dorm. We had different class schedules since he was an Engineering major and I was a Pharmacy major, so we only saw each other occasionally throughout the week. There was, however, one day I could always count on seeing him: Game Day. Mike and I are both huge Ohio State football fans so we always saw each other on the way to cheer our Buckeyes on.

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We lost touch for a year but reconnected through a mutual friend in 2012. We began dating shortly thereafter and, of course, kept up our favorite tradition of going to Ohio State football games. Fast forward four years to this past March, when I went on a week-long study abroad trip to London, England with a group of students from the College of Pharmacy.

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how they asked

On our last Friday there, my friends decided they wanted to visit King’s Cross Station. I am completely directionally challenged, so when we got off the Tube at Hyde Park, I thought nothing of it. We walked through the park and finally got to the middle, where there was a statue surrounded by a walkway and tons of beautiful flowers. Then, all of a sudden, I see Mike walking towards me. It felt like I was in a dream but of course, I said YES when he asked me to marry him!

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He had brought a few of his friends to London to help pick out the perfect spot to propose, and they also took pictures and a video of the entire proposal!

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Mike then whisked me away to an Italian restaurant (my favorite!) for dinner and, since it also happened to be Saint Patrick’s Day, we met up with all of my friends on the study abroad trip at a local bar afterward to celebrate! It was an absolutely unforgettable trip and I cannot wait for us to go back to London together as a married couple.

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