Morgan and Michael

how they asked

We love fishing & being on our boat. He planned a fishing trip to Crystal River on the 29th. I didnt think anything of it because it was just a normal fishing trip. The morning was not going as planned for me as I didn’t sleep much the night before & I kept getting stuck in the rocks each time I would cast. So after losing 3 jigs, I put my pole back in the rod holder & went & laid down on the back of the boat. Michael says this threw his whole plan off. Oops! He made the decision to move spots so like normal, I went up to the front of the boat to help with the trolling motor. He said “here, take the remote & move us to the channel” which didn’t seem much different to me. I heard him walk to the back of the boat & come back & he said “hey, turn around” when I turned around, he was down on one knee with my ring & said “will you marry me?” I said YES! & started crying!

Special Thanks