Morgan and Matthew

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How We Met

I knew of Matthew in high school but did not really get to know him until our senior year of a college. (He is convinced he tried to come, talk to me our junior year of high school and that I didn’t even give him the time of day, but I just don’t know if that’s the whole truth or not.) Anyway’s Matthew and I were both education majors and took many of the same classes together. One night during a 3 hour night class (where we always sat at the same table) we had to split up into different groups. Not even 10 minutes into the split I texted Matthew “I’m having separation anxiety” and the next thing I know I’m sitting in a Newks booth 3 months later planning our ideal wedding.

how they asked

Everyone always asks me if I was truly surprised on our engagement and I always say “definitely, because if I would have known I would have been a lot nicer to him that day lol!!!” The day of our engagement was a little crazy for me, as I had gotten mad at Matthew over a few things (like coming late from Wendy’s and bringing me a cold hamburger with just the opposite of what I asked for on it). However, that night we were supposed to be going to dinner with a couple friends of ours. I’m dressed and ready to go (starving might I add since I had only had a cold hamburger with my least favorite things on it). We pull out of the neighborhood and of course, I complain that I’m hot in the Louisiana heat in June. Well, Matthew answers back with “you’re about to be more than physically hot because I left my wallet in my desk at the school.” I proceed to get mad in true Morgan fashion, begging him not to make us go 20 minutes out of the way to get his wallet but he convinced me otherwise. We get to Haughton High School where he is a coach at and he hops out of the truck to go get it. Still mad, I tell him I’m not getting out of the truck. He agrees and walks inside. 5 minutes later I get a phone call asking me to come in and help him with something and of course I beg and plead not to. I finally hop out and walk inside and that’s when I instantly knew something was up. I saw a cute little photographer peek his head around the corner and the rest is history. We walked out onto the football field, lined with candles, and it was a dream come true. After the proposal Matthew told me to “turn around” and there were 40-50 of our closest friends and family standing there on the track.

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Morgan's Proposal in Haughton High School, Haughton LA

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