Morgan and Markel

How We Met

My name is Morgan, and my fiance’s name is Markel. And we believe that our love story is one that should definitely be featured on your Instagram page! Next year in Sept of 2020, we’ll be getting married. It’s also a big year for us as it’ll be 10 years that we’ve known each other and have been friends. It all started in our 2009/2010 school year. I met Markel our senior year of high school in Philadelphia. After graduating we became really good friends and would hang out all the time. In 2013, he invited me and a mutual friend up to his college for Halloween weekend, which is when we both confessed that we had feelings for each other.

Where to Propose in Topanga State Beach

Morgan and Markel's Engagement in Topanga State Beach

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Topanga State Beach

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Topanga State Beach

Proposal Ideas Topanga State Beach

Eventually, in 2015, we made it official and started dating. And it’s been a wild and exciting ride ever since. We moved to LA together in 2016 to pursue our dream careers, started a vlog and have traveled quite a bit. In the 4 years of our relationship, we have grown so much together. I can honestly say that I’ll be marrying my best friend. We learn together, we create together and we continue to grow together. I can’t imagine what life would be like without this man by side. He is my other half and we make each other better. Please check out our proposal video and if you have time check out the rest of our vlogs.

How They Asked

Markel and I vlog often. And on the day of the proposal, we were supposed to go to the Getty. I was supposed to pick him up from a friends house when he called and told me to look at a video labeled “top secret” on his computer. When I opened it, the video revealed that he was sending me on a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles! Each spot was an area that we had a personal connection to when we moved to LA. At the very end, I met him at the Topanga State Beach, which is where we went after we found our first apartment in LA. I thought he was going to reward me with a certificate of accomplishment, but instead, he popped the question!

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