Morgan and Mark

Proposal Ideas A cabin in the mountains, located in Boone, North Carolina

How We Met

After I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014, I moved back to my hometown in Toledo, Ohio. One year later, after a bad breakup and year of focusing and working on myself and my own goals, I was excited and ready to start a new adventure. I packed up everything I owned and moved down South, 10 hours away from home, to live by myself in a one bedroom apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina where I always had dreamed of living. My older cousin, Danielle, having a husband and a kid with another on the way, was my support system and helped guide me during the transition until I got settled into my new abode. A friend from high school who had moved to Raleigh about one year earlier recommended me an apartment complex. I signed and paid for my lease without even visiting prior to my move. After about 3 weeks, I bumped into my neighbor across the hall who happened to notice me carrying a few last minute belongings from the move, obviously struggling and frustrated because I mean, a girl can only carry so much! After he offered to help me carry the rest of my things in, we began chatting, and he asked if I had just moved here. I then explained I moved from Toledo, Ohio (pretty far away), which he then mentioned one of his best friends he went to college with at Elon University (a much smaller college in North Carolina) also attended and asked if I knew him. Sure enough, I did and we had been acquaintances over the years. We talked a bit longer and exchanged phone numbers. The next day at work, I was chatting with a girl who mentioned she went to college at Elon, and I asked if she knew Mark. Sure enough she not only went to college with Mark, but high school as well, which was another odd coincidence since the office location I was working at was EXTREMELY small (only about 12 people). The chances that I moved 10 hours away to a city with about 480,000 people to meet my neighbor and now future husband who was best friends with someone from my hometown, and knew someone in my office!? It felt like the stars aligned, and we were meant to meet as the coincidences kept piling up. After that, we talked everyday since we met until he finally asked me out, and the rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in A cabin in the mountains, located in Boone, North Carolina

Marriage Proposal Ideas in A cabin in the mountains, located in Boone, North Carolina

how they asked

Back around September, after looking at pictures/videos of some golden retriever puppies, I was playfully harassing Mark yet again about when I’ll be able to have a golden retriever of my own (one I’ve wanted since I was about 16 but kept pushing back to get due to recommendations to wait until I graduate high school, wait until I graduate college, wait until I’m settled and working on my own). Shortly after that conversation, we began figuring out our plans for Christmas this year, since both our families are pretty spread out across the country. and we were trying to determine the best way to split up the time equally. My dad still lives back in my hometown of Toledo, OH, my mom lives in Dallas, TX, my sister lives in Daytona, Florida, Mark’s sister lives in Atlanta, Georgia, Mark’s parents live in Wake Forest, NC and we lived in Raleigh, NC. About a month later, Mark shows me this BEAUTIFUL cabin he found online through a cabin rental agency located in Boone, NC and asked if he thought we could rent a cabin this Christmas with his family. Since we spent Christmas day at Disney World last year with my family (I know, another ridiculous, not our standard Christmas!), I thought that would be fair. Mark told me maybe it would be a good idea to include my family to join us as well so I quickly texted them to see what their plans were. Saddened, they all mentioned they had other plans. Disappointed my family couldn’t join us in the cabin, we get to Boone on Friday, December 22nd to find my parents, my sister and Mark’s parents already at the cabin meeting for the first time! After a great first night of our families meeting, Mark’s parents mention that they have to leave on the 23rd to drive to Georgia to spend Christmas with his sister in Atlanta but would be back on Christmas to celebrate with all of us. After an amazing two days relaxing and celebrating with my family who live so far away, Mark mentions on the night of Christmas Eve that his parents asked if we could be ready and dressed to take family pictures on Christmas morning to use as pictures for their Christmas cards next year and instructed me to be showered, dressed and ready by 9:30 am SHARP (I know, so early right?). The next morning around 9:30, Marks parents arrive back at our cabin, and I hear an unexpected voice say hello, Mark’s sister! She came up from Georgia to meet my family and surprise us for Christmas, an extremely sweet surprise and so nice of her.

After a few quick minutes of chatting and hugging everyone once again, Mark tells me to come downstairs to the basement to set up for pictures since there was a fireplace and Christmas tree, and we needed to figure out where everyone should stand. After he took me downstairs, I noticed a little pink pet carrier case sitting beneath the tree. Almost instantly I started crying and asked “What is that!?” He goes over to the carrier and out comes the most perfect golden retriever puppy with a huge pink bow on her collar and hands her to me. I’m obviously balling at this point since I’ve grown up with golden retrievers my whole life and have wanted a golden retriever named Ellie since as long as I can remember. As I’m holding her he says a few sweet words and shows me the tag on her collar which said “Morgan, will you marry me?” and then as I look up he gets down on one knee and says the same saying engraved on her collar and proposes. After stammering through a boat load of crying, I said YES!

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