Morgan and Lucas

How we met: After moving to Atlanta in November 2013, I was very focused on my new job and not looking to start dating anyone. My twin sister (Lauren) got a job in retail, where she met Lucas’ younger sister (Jennie). Whenever I would go into the store they both would joke about how I need to meet Jennie’s older brother just so they could become sisters through marriage. I kept telling them I thought Lucas was cute from the pictures I’d seen. A few months went by, and on Jennie’s birthday Lucas took, her out to dinner. I commented on a Facebook picture of the two of them and Lucas saw it. He asked Jennie to get my phone number, and the rest is history!


how they asked: We were supposed to go out on that Friday night to dinner, but Lucas called me after work that Tuesday and said he really wanted to meet and wanted to see of I was available for dinner that night. I freaked out, got ready in a hour, and opened my door to my future husband. We went to a romantic little Italian pizza place that has outdoor seating. It had been raining earlier, so the seats were all wet, but when I told Lucas I loved the string lights out there, he wiped down the table and both of the chairs so we could sit there. We talked for 4 hours straight and haven’t stopped talking since!

how they asked: The video shows it all! September 19, 2014 is a day I’ll never forget. Lucas and I were on his family’s beach vacation staying at a beautiful beach house on Holden Beach, a private island in North Carolina.

Lucas told me the whole family would be having professional pictures done down at the beach that night, so had me get ready with his sisters and everyone played along. Little did I know that was not the plan!

His sister, Jennie, who initially set us up, walked me down to the beach right before sunset and told me Lucas and his older brother, Jeffrey, were already down there with the photographer. She told me she left her cell phone and would run back to the house but that I should just walk down to the beach without her.

I made my way through the dunes, and noticed Jeffrey standing up high on the dunes taking pictures of me. As I came out onto the beach, I saw Lucas standing there with a friend of his (Chris) sitting and playing guitar. He pointed to an “X” he’d made in the sand for me to stand on.

Chris started singing “our song” (“On My Way” by Boyce Avenue) and Lucas had poster cue cards a la Love Actually that expressed his love to me (he had never even said “I love you” to me before!). At the end of the song, a cue card said “And one more thing….I’ll be there the moment you come out in white”, which is the last line of the song. He walked over to the guitar stand, picked up a ring box, and came over to me. He told me he loved me for the first time and dropped to one knee, asking me to spend forever with him. I was in total shock, but when he said “Will you marry me?”, I responded with “Stupid question! Duh!”.


I am so thankful Lucas came into my life, and cannot wait to spend my life with such an amazing man!