Morgan and Logan's Super Romantic Marriage Proposal

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How we met story: We are an unconventional, eccentric, adventurous sort of couple and our dating experience reflects such a description. From our first date-which included a high-speed tour of Logan’s college campus on Razor Scooters, me soaring over the handle bars of a Razor Scooter, Logan sprinting to find a First Aid kit, and an extensive, heartfelt conversation to follow-we both entered our relationship with the intent of marriage.

We began dating right before the summer after our sophomore years at college which just so happened to be right before Logan headed out west to Colorado to work as a backpacking guide. This launched three months of separation during which we exchanged countless letters and scattered phone calls across the country until our sweetest of reunions in August. The next year included spontaneous journeys, difficult conversations, uplifting surprises, and unexpected turns guiding us to the day of our engagement.

how they asked story: Much like our dating experience, our engagement day was an appropriate reflection of who we are as a couple but on a much deeper level – insightful, romantic, emotional, etc. Logan has always paid very close attention to the small details of who I am and supported my quirky passions with much intensity, but I was overwhelmed with his sensitivity to my desires during the most beautiful of all proposals.

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He constructed an intimate atmosphere in an art studio that included a plentitude of wildflowers, seven poems written for the occasion, pictures of the progression of each of our lives leading up to our paths crossing, and the most unique of rings — a ring that was creatively and intentionally constructed entirely by family heirlooms.

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After his incredible speech during which we both cried through and saying ‘of course’ to his proposal, he walked over and opened a door behind which both of our families were waiting to congratulate us.

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We shared in tender moments with one another until we were directed to a large, semi-blank canvas – the canvas was there as an interactive piece of art that we were all able to contribute a small piece on and it will eventually be in my possession as a symbol of the love and support that surrounds Logan and I’s relationship. I cannot put all of the emotions I experienced into words, but I can assure you that it would be difficult to experience a more intimate time than we shared on Saturday May 30, 2015.

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Photos by Leah Dorr Photography