Morgan and Laketon

How They Asked

Laketons side: We had it planned to go out to eat at one of our favorite summer time restaurants right on the beach, The Deck. When we got done with dinner it was perfect timing, the sun was just starting to set. I had my sister suggest to go for a walk on the pier so Morgan would suspect something from me. We walked down the pier and as we got closer to the end, just like any man we start getting nervous, our hands are getting sweaty. When we got to the end of the pier, we went to get a picture with the sunset in the back ground, and that’s when I did it. I got down on one knee and asked this kind, beautiful, wonderful, loving young women to be my forever. She said yes and the rest is history.

Morgan’s side: I really wasn’t sure if he wasn’t going to propose or not because there were so many opportunities for him to do it in the past but didn’t. Being our birthday weekend, I thought maybe it could happen but knew not to get my hopes up. It had been planned a couple of days ago to go out to eat and we didn’t decide where until the night before. We went to a restaurant on the beach near and it was like any normal dinner with Laketons family. His sister suggested to walk the pier since we were all stuffed from eating so much. When we started walking down, his family was hanging out behind us and being quiet so I wasn’t sure what to think. Once we got down to the end, his mom suggested to get a picture together since it was our birthday. I remember glancing at his pocket to see if I could see a ring, but I didn’t see anything. After we took the picture, Laketon turned at me and started to talking but I honestly cannot remember what he said because I saw him reaching for the ring and started freaking out…in a good way. Instantly tears started to roll down my checks and I think I went into shock since I can barely recall what he said. All I know is I just couldn’t help but shake my head yes uncontrollably. It was perfect!


Special Thanks

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