Morgan and Kyler

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How We Met

Kyler and I had been doing long distance from August until December, and I was finally moving back to the town where we had met and where I was going to finish school.

how they asked

My mom had taken off a day of work to help me move some stuff down to my new apartment which was strange for her to just take off a random day, but I wasn’t complaining. We moved most of my stuff in and then Kyler came to pick me up and was taking me somewhere for a surprise. I’m not much on surprises when I know that somethings happening, so I wasn’t in the greatest of moods. He drove out of town towards the middle of no where and we ended up on a dirt road headed towards a gun range.

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We get to the gun range and his whole family was there and my mom was following behind us which I thought was weird, but still entirely oblivious. Kyler immediately grabbed me and handed me a gun and took me out towards the range. He had me shoot at a specific target and after about 5 shots he told me to go see how well I’d shot. I walked up to my target and on it said “will you marry me” I turned around and there he was down on one knee. It was the most perfect proposal and it didn’t hurt that we got a perfect 10 minutes of snow to make it even more magical. I can’t wait to marry this man.

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