Morgan and Kenny

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How We Met

As a millennials’ fate would have it, our love story begins with “we both swiped right.” Romantic…I know! Over the year I have come to terms with this being the way I met my future husband. In fact, I have moved beyond acceptance to complete and utter praise to the creators of Hinge. If it weren’t for you all, there would be no us. The “us” that is Kenny and Morgan started hung over on a couch senior year after a night of mending my best friends broken heart with the helps of downtown Austin, a date party, and a lot of “fscrew boys!” statements followed by a closed eye gulp of cheap vodka. It was a great night, but rough morning that led to a day of thoughts and profound realizations After about 20 minutes wallowing in self pity of my relationship status and insecurities I landed onto a dating app and a message from a handsome 26 year old pilot that opened with the world’s cheesiest line: “tall, beautiful, and Christian…I can’t mess this up.” Despite the eye-roll-worthy one liner, he was right…he can’t… and DIDN’T mess it up. Our first date didn’t happen as planned.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

At the time he was stationed an hour north of Austin at Fort Hood. Meeting up wasn’t the most convenient logistics but we managed to find a date and time. Kenny was competing in Austin in a Cross-fit competition – yes this was definitely implied on his Hinge profile- which meant he was going to be in town and wanted us to meet up on 6th Street later that night. I know, not overly romantic, but it had been two weeks of texting and I was ready to meet this man who had been culprit to my cheesy grins at a phone screen. The night of the planned meet I didn’t hear from him ALL DAY!. My mind had automatically re filed him from the “potential suitor” category to the “douche” category. It wasn’t until 11 o’clock pm that I get a text that read “Hey, we are about to leave 6th street. Are you going to be here soon?” WHAT THE HECK? Nothing from him all day and he shoots me a text saying he is leaving, while I hadn’t even left to go downtown yet (clearly this shows our 5 year age difference).

Morgan and Capt. Kenneth's Engagement in Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

I apologized that I wouldn’t be downtown for a while, and his response was something along the lines of “well I am really sore from my competition and don’t want to walk back to sixth street, (his hotel was downtown nearby) so if you want to meet me in the lobby of my hotel then we can get to know each other. Red flag! Red flag! Red flag! -that was all I could think. I was overwhelmed with confusion considering this didn’t seem like the actions of the extremely nice and mature guy I had been in contact with for the past two weeks. I declined his not-so-enticing offer and told him that if he genuinely wanted to meet me he would take me on a proper date. Looking back now, it’s funny because if you know Kenny, he genuinely was just tired (sleep is not something he skimps on) and he really only wanted to talk in the lobby and get to know each other. He is a sweetie with the best of intentions. Despite him coming off the bat with a failed swing, he followed up the next day with the best date a girl could dream of. We met at a local bar/restaurant for drinks and then he took me to a Randy Rodgers Band concert with killer seats.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

I left that night… and cried… I had found him! The man of my dreams! We were inseparable ever since. I blame it on the fact that in a few months he was relocating to Alabama for the military and I was trying to “get to know him as much as possible to see if distance would work.” That’s what I told myself at least, but the fact of the matter is I loved this man from the second I laid eyes on him. Three weeks in, he was at my family’s Thanksgiving and a month later I was flying to Minnesota to meet his family. We were moving quickly, but so was he…literally 800 miles away. Needless to say, 1 move to Alabama, 2 cars driving a combined 100+ hours back and forth, and 3 weekend vacations to new places and here we found ourselves on Nov 11, 2016…THE DAY that Capt. Kenny made me an apache pilot’s ‘future’ army wife.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

how they asked

It was our anniversary weekend and a few days past his 28th birthday so we were inevitably going to plan to see each other. West Point (his alma mater) and Notre Dame were scheduled to play in the Alamo Dome that weekend. With the Alamo Dome being in San Antonio (my hometown, and also an hour from Austin) we figured it would be a perfect weekend for him to come into town. Kenny flew into Austin Thursday night and Friday morning was started with sweat sesh at Soul Cycle followed by a birthday brunch for his few days late birthday. We left straight from brunch and headed to San Antonio where Kenny took an intentionally wrong exit and landed us at Hotel Emma, THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL HOTEL EVER. While this could have been a dead give away right then and there, it was also our anniversary weekend so I figured it was just a present to make the anniversary weekend special. After we checked in, we walked around the Pearl Brewery, got a few drinks then headed back to our hotel room to get ready for the West Point Alum Cocktail Party that was to be held at Hotel Emma around 5pm.

Kenny was abnormally inquiring about my outfit, and was on his phone so much I even ridiculed him a few times for not being ‘present’. Two things he normally wouldn’t do. It was 5PM and we were meeting one of Kenny’s pilot friends outside of Hotel Emma to go to the cocktail party together. As we are walking outside of the hotel Kenny gets a call (which I later learned was fake) and had a concerned look on his face. He hung up the phone and proceeded to look at me and tell me that he had bad news- “Omar cant make it.” follow by a “But!

The good news is… I am in love with you…” Then he said some other things (which honestly I cant remember because it was all a blur) followed by THE PROPOSAL.

I was looking into the face of the man I will be with the rest of my life…officially. Of course the moment didn’t end there. It was followed by an amazing dinner with just the two of us then a celebratory party at a local bar with so many of my close family and friends. The night was perfection. He is perfection, and I can’t wait for December 2017!

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