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We were on a weekend trip for his birthday over my spring break. We had gone ring shopping months ago (I knew he had the ring) and it had past my birthday, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day and still no proposal. I didn’t think he would make this weekend about that because it was for him. Moab is his favorite place and I had never been so I thought it would be perfect for the two of us to just get away and spend some time alone. When we got there he was trying to plan the whole trip which is usually what I do, and on our first day there I wanted to go see delicate arch because that’s what Moab is known for.

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He was getting upset about it until he finally gave in. Then he started getting upset about what I was wearing. Everything I put on he told me no that I couldn’t wear it until he came and just pick out my outfit for me. He then told me how to do my hair, still at this point I had no clue what was going on. When we get to the arch and start hicking I start getting nervous because all day he’s been saying, “My favorite person in my favorite place.” Which I thought was cute.

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We go to take a picture under the arch and the people who are suppose to be taking it didn’t do a good job on his phone, but fine on mine so we had to redo it. I knew something was up, I didn’t understand why he was being so weird about this. As we are walking down a second time under the arch my heart starts beating hundred miles and hour. We get down there and he whispers in my ear, “You know I love you right? My favorite person in my favorite place.” Kisses me on the cheek then gets down on one knee… I was so happy I could barely talk. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I was filled with joy and happiness.

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