Morgan and John

How We Met

Our story is nothing short of a fairytale! We grew up as neighbors, always crushed on one another but of course my father would never let me date “the boy next door.” After high school I moved 600 miles away, we would occasionally message and check in on each other. 3 years later we still held that flame for one another and I just so happen to be on vacation visiting my family, it wasn’t long before he walked down to my parent’s house to play catch up, we were getting to know each other again and it wasn’t hard to tell we held a place in our hearts for one another.

how they asked

Morgan and John's Engagement in His Parent's house.

Proposal Ideas His Parent's house.

June 16, 2017 was our one year anniversary, we both worked the whole day, but he worked longer hours than normal that day. Not going to lie, it bothered me that he went the whole day without even acknowledging me or the fact it was our first anniversary. The next day I was still a little upset with him, he just kept assuring me he’d “make up for it today”. We went out to dinner and a movie just like any other normal weekend, but what I didn’t know is what he had waiting for me at his parent’s house. We pulled into our house and he asked if I wanted to walk up to his parents to talk to them for awhile, on the walk I realized there was a lighted path leading to his parent’s drive way, then “Mary you” by Burno Mars started playing, and my heart sunk! He got down on one knee in front of my whole family and his, took my hand, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was literally breathless. He 100% made up for the day before.