Morgan and Joey

Proposal Ideas Seattle, Washington

How We Met

Joey and I met our freshman year of college at Washington State University. We were set up to go on his fraternity date dash (Phi Kappa Theta or PKT for short) by my good friend I had met earlier in the year whose also a PKT. The date dash was ice skating and it was super fun, we had an instant connection and stayed up talking until 4 am in the hallway outside my dorm room (to not wake the roomie). We dated a little but Joey didn’t want anything serious so we were just friends for a while. Then about a year later, we started dating again and then he asked me to be his girlfriend on April 20th of our sophomore year. We were together throughout the end of undergrad. Then we did three years of long distance while Joey attended law school in Idaho while I got my doctorate of chiropractic in California, seeing each other about once a month. We finally finished school and moved in together in Seattle in June 2018 and are so happy to be together and starting our careers.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Seattle, Washington

How They Asked

Our six year anniversary was April 20th of this year and that’s when Joey proposed. He took me out to brunch in West Seattle at one of our favorite spots with an amazing view of the water and the city. Afterwards, he asked me to take a walk on the beach to help digest our huge meals. Next thing I know he’s down on one knee asking me to marry him.

I said yes and he told me to turn around and a bunch of our friends came out wearing all black like ninjas because they were hiding taking pictures. He had planned an engagement party after and invited friends and family from near and far. His family flew down from Alaska for it! It was the most perfect day and I am so grateful that I get to marry the man of my dreams.