Morgan and Jibraun

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How We Met

I played college volleyball at University of Colorado Colorado Springs, as a setter. Our first home game my junior year I was pulled back in rotation one, in serve receive, facing the entrance of the gym. One of our manager’s boyfriend walked in the gym, with one of his friends. His friend smiled and in the middle of the game I caught myself staring at him, thinking he was the best looking man I’d ever laid my eyes on. He was a cadet from the Air Force Academy, decked out in blue, so he was easy to keep track of in the crowd. I kept my eye on him the rest of the game (sorry, Coach) and knew I had to meet him after. I had our manager introduce us after the game and remember being self-conscious about how sweaty I was. We saw him at BJ’s after and I texted our manager’s boyfriend and told him to give him my number. He texted me a few days later and said “It’s your biggest fan”.

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how they asked

I woke up at 4:30 am on Sunday, May 21st, excited and nervous. It was finally the morning of my first half marathon. I had been training for a few months and had all kinds of endorphins already pumping through my body. I was running the Denver Colfax Half Marathon with my mom and best friend, my idea of a dream Sunday morning. I played 4 years of college volleyball with numerous set backs due to shin splints and knee problems. All my trainers told me I wouldn’t be able to run when I was done playing, but that just gave me more motivation. The last few months had been painful and hard, however my biggest motivator the entire time was my boyfriend.

Despite the fact that his entire family was in town, for his graduation from the Air Force Academy, he was waking up early and driving to Denver to cheer me on. I wasn’t sure where he was going to be along the course, so I spent 13.1 miles looking for him and “trying” to look cute, while dying on the inside, in case I saw him along the way. After 12 miles I figured he was probably waiting for me at the finish line. When we made it to the last half mile my mom kept encouraging me to run faster and smile bigger. Finally, as we started to run the last .1 mile my best friend and mom both fell behind me and my mom started pushing me forward telling me to sprint. I smiled big and stared straight forward as I zoned in on the finish line.

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Right as I crossed the finish line my mom ripped my headphones out and I heard the announcer calling out my name, I thought they called out everyone’s name as they crossed the finish line. The announcer kept saying my name and was waving me over. I got nervous as I walked over and he started asking me about my race. He asked me a few questions then told me someone had a special congratulations for me. He told me to turn around, standing behind me was the man of my dreams on one knee.

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I was in complete shock as all the people cheering in the background started to fade out and I couldn’t believe what was happening. He held my hand and told me things every little girl dreams about hearing one day. I held my breath and tried not to say yes before he actually asked me. He opened the ring box and I saw the most gorgeous ring. As he put the ring on my hand it barely fit because my hands were so swollen and I was shaking so much. He stood up, gave me the sweetest kiss, and I threw my hand up in the air and cheered.

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I looked ahead to see my mom and best friend holding each other, crying, then turned to the crowd to see my family, his family, and my closest friends he had brought up to surprise me. Not only did he pull off the proposal of my dreams, but he also managed to get the news in on it.

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We were featured on the Denver 9 news that night and I have footage of my engagement I can show my children. My mom had been telling me the entire time I had something great waiting for me at the finish line, but I was just expecting a beer…

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Special Thanks

Kaitlin Vanderberg
 | Photographer
Denver 9 News
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