Morgan and Jesse

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How We Met

It all started a little over two years ago when I was a barista at a coffee shop, and the cutest customer I had ever seen came through our drive thru. He was driving an old grey Subaru, and was trying to order a coffee. We small talked for a little bit, and I tried to keep the conversation going by complimenting his canoe on top of his car… well I am not the outdoorsy type and he laughed and told me it was a car-top carrier that he put all his belongings in when moving here from Maine (just weeks before we met). I guess he thought that was cute, because he immediately asked for my number and within a few weeks we were dating! He soon turned into the greatest best friend a girl could ever ask for.

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how they asked

Over the last few years I discovered his love for Harry Potter (slight obsession actually) and over time it rubbed off on me. Rainy day? Watch Harry Potter. Stayed home sick? Watch Harry Potter. Lazy Sunday? Binge watch three Harry Potter movies. So naturally, I began to love the series as well. Now it is Christmas, and I come home from work with an apartment decorated in traditional Hogwarts fashion! He tells me we are going to have a Harry Potter Christmas! I was so excited! There are two giant house banners, one for each of us. He is the Gryffindor house and I am the Ravenclaw. There are flying keys hanging from the ceiling, and he hand made floating candles as well. The whole apartment looks like we personally had J.K Rowling come and decorate it herself! First, I was just impressed he did all this elaborate decorating himself. Little did I know this was all going to tie into one big special day. On December 23rd, I woke up to my favorite breakfast ever, french toast. Then, he gives me an envelope addressed “Future Mrs. Arkebauer, The first floor dungeon, Dallas, Tx.” (We live on the first floor in our apartment complex). In it was a letter that led me on a scavenger hunt throughout “Diagon Alley” to find hidden gifts that I would need to take with me to the Forbidden Forest! We got all dressed up, and he took me to the botanical gardens AKA the Forbidden Forest! We walked around for a little bit, using our “omnioculars” to take pictures, and then stopped in the most picturesque archway near the lake. He pulled out the last gift on the scavenger hunt. I opened it, and to my surprise their was a sorting hat on the inside. He took it out, and got down on one knee. He explained how much he loved me and asked if I would marry him! I am officially being sorted into the house of Arkebauer!

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