Morgan and Jan's Proposal in Cape Town

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How We Met

The first time I saw her was on the 26th of June 2009, at a church camp. It did take me few days to gather up enough courage to try and speak to her, so I only officially met her on the 28th of that month over a game of cards. At first, I was too afraid to even look at this girl with the most amazingly beautiful green eyes. As with any camp, it was inevitable that there were a few interested suitors, but they all fell to the wayside as time went on. In the first couple of weeks after meeting her, she made it abundantly clear that she was not allowed to date while she was still in High School. This posed somewhat of a problem as she was half-way through the 9th Grade and still had 3.5 year to go before she graduated. In the greater scheme of things, 3.5 years is not a long time to wait for the girl of your dreams, and it truly was the 2nd best decision I’ve made. Fast forward a few years, I arranged to meet with her father on the very day that she finished her exams. After giving his blessing for the two of us to officially start dating, I asked her later that evening to finally be my girlfriend. It may be somewhat cheesy, but when I asked her out, I gave her a promise ring to solidify my intentions of marrying her one day.

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how they asked

A little less than 3 years down the line, the time had come to take the final step and pop the big question. We both have a special place in our hearts for Cape Town, and I just knew that it was the perfect place for such an important occasion. The only difficulty was trying to organize a special event when you’re 1,400km’s inland. In stepped Pippa and The Perfect Proposal to save the day! After some extensive consultations, and some seriously impressive ideas, we agreed on the Pinterest-like Balloon Proposal. The plan, which was set-up 3 weeks in advance, was for me and a colleague to go down to Cape Town on a business trip. However, at the last second, he “pulled” out, with Morgan coming along instead. Once we landed in Cape Town, we enjoyed a quick lunch and shopping trip for a new dress, before her spa treatment. The spa treatment at the Steenberg Hotel was done as a “thank you” for coming along, but had naturally been set up in the preceding weeks. From there, we headed off to Beau Constantia, a wine farm in the Constantia valley with the most amazing views. Whilst at the Spa, Pippa was hard at work at the venue setting up the décor. We hired out the empty room and used pink and clear balloons, tied up at different heights, to fill up the empty walls.

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On arrival at the venue, I led Morgan down the path to the entrance of the room, opened the door, dropped down to one knee and popped the question.

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After many tears, smiles and laughter, we enjoyed an engagement shoot by Knight and Dame to capture what will always be an unforgettable experience. The night was ended off by a lovely dinner, looking out over the valley, before catching our plane back to Pretoria later than night. A truly magical proposal, which would have never been possible without the amazing help of Pippa and her team at the Perfect Proposal.

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