Morgan and Jade

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How We Met

Technically we met in our 7th grade English class, but we didn’t start dating until our Sophomore year of high school. He was 16 and I was 15. We were a typical high school couple.

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He was a varsity hockey player, I was a varsity cheerleader. Fast forward to recent years, we moved in together and have a beautiful chocolate lab together.

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how they asked

His parents have a cabin on a lake near Bemidji, Minnesota where we spend most of our weekends in the summer. He told me his parents wanted to take a few family pictures with our puppy, Hazel. His family usually takes Christmas pictures in the fall so I thought nothing of it. He had it all set up where my closest friends and family drove up for the night to celebrate with us and had them park where I wouldn’t be able to see their cars.

His parents drove me up to a resort close to the cabin where we often go for drinks and dinner, and there he was standing on the gazebo facing the lake with Hazel. I had Hazels dog toy in my hand thinking it would come in handy to get her attention when taking pictures. I walked towards him and soon realized we weren’t just taking family pictures. He tossed the duck toy off the gazebo and grabbed both of my hands.

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We both started tearing up.

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After getting on one knee and placing the most beautiful ring on my finger.

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I turned around and saw one of my best friends who I thought was in South Dakota behind me. I cried even more. Little did I know inside the bar were all of our friends and family. We partied the night away with good food, great drinks and even better people.

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