Morgan and Jacob

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Atlanta, Georgia

How They Asked

It was December, so holiday party season was in full force! We had been invited to a friend work holiday party on the new rooftop of the Hotel Claremont, which overlooks the Atlanta skyline. I was running a little late getting ready, so Jacob decided to pour himself a pre-party drink (at 3 in the afternoon) Little did I know he was calming his nerves for what was about to happen! On our Uber ride to the “party”, we get a text from our friend saying, “Hurry up and get here already!”

Proposal Ideas Atlanta, Georgia

We arrive at the hotel and are escorted up the elevator to where the work holiday party is taking place only to find that no one is there. I turn to Jacob and say, “Are you sure the party is up here and not downstairs? Maybe, you should call Natalie.” He responds that we should get a drink up here since it was the first nice day in several rainy cold weeks and that we would go downstairs after. We walk to the other side of the rooftop and are enjoying the amazing view and beautiful day when Jacob tells me that we aren’t actually here for a holiday party and that there isn’t any party at all.

On the verge of blacking out from overwhelming emotions, I grabbed onto the railing of the rooftop in order to hold myself up from fainting. Jacob got down on one knee, pulled out my dream engagement ring, and asked if I would make him the luckiest man in the world and marry him!

Naturally, I started crying as he slipped the ring onto my finger and pointed out the photographer capturing everything that had just happened. Moments later, my parents and his parents from Florida both arrived!

My mom thought we were just meeting for drinks and did not know that we were getting engaged so the surprise was equally as shocking for her when she arrived and saw that Jacob had proposed! It was truly an amazing day that we will never forget!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Chupp
 | Photographer