Morgan and Iszac

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How We Met

Iszac and I started dating our junior year of high school, we met in chemistry class and made “chemistry” if you will🙈 We have been inseparable ever since and it was finally made official on 5/14/20💍 Makes me emotional thinking about how long it’s been and everything we’ve been through leading up to this moment! Over 6 years of memories and many more to come with this man❤️He is my everything and makes me the happiest girl in the world!

How They Asked

The little back story on how the proposal went down: I was asked to do a photo-shoot for a book cover, which was nothing unusual as I am a full-time model! The photographer told me the book was a country vibe, and to wear a casual dress with my typical makeup & hair☺️We shot for about 10 min and then headed over to a grassy field with pretty flowers and barn in the background, still oblivious to any of this happening😂

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While I was modeling I heard something behind me and figured it was an animal or maybe a random person but turned around to see my man holding roses and I completely lost it as I realized what was happening❤️😭

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Smart boy set this up without me suspecting a thing! The brown barn behind us was where it all began! Our first date to junior prom was there and let’s just say the rest is history😭👫

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Special Thanks

Lauren Perry
 | Photographer