Morgan and Harminder

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chicago, Illinois

How We Met

Harminder and I actually worked at the same oil and gas corporation for 4 years before we really noticed each other. Some of my friends from work started hanging out with some of his friends and going out on the weekends and I quickly noticed him. We really started talking in fall 2016 and when he wasn’t getting the hint that I was interested in him I told one of my coworkers to tell one of his friends that I was interested and then he FINALLY asked me out on a lunch date! We went on two lunch dates in early February 2016 and then to dinner and a hockey game where we really hit it off and quickly became inseparable.

How They Asked

Last year we went on a crazy 2 week trip to Europe and Harminder told my travel-loving self that we had to cool it on the trips for this year as we went all out last year. I pouted and then we decided we would pick somewhere in the US that we had never been to visit. We chose Chicago and started to plan our trip for the beginning of June. We’ve taken professional photos on all of our trips since we have been together so I figured it would be a good way to document this year together. Harminder agreed and once I booked our photographer he emailed him separately (with the suggestions of a few of my besties) and told him he had planned to propose.

I was hoping for a proposal sometime soon as we had looked at rings and spoken about getting married over the past few months, but I really didn’t know when it was going to happen. I always hoped he would propose on a trip, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Proposal Ideas Chicago, Illinois

The morning of our photo shoot we got ready and walked to the riverwalk to meet our photographer, Joe. He was very nice and was guiding us along nicely. Then unknown to me, Joe mentioned the code phrase “I love this part of the riverwalk” which was Harminder’s cue to propose. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee while I instantly burst into tears! I was so shocked and couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I couldn’t control my emotions and kept crying and repeating “oh my god is this really happening”. Crying makes Harminder sooo nervous and he couldn’t speak either. We were there for a moment until he said: “will you marry me”? I said “YES” of course!! We took some more photos with Joe and then spent our day drinking bubbles exploring Chicago walking on Cloud 9! It was the best day ever.

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