Morgan and Grant

How They Asked

Grant set up a scavenger hunt to visit all of the meaningful places in Austin throughout our relationship. From my college house where he picked me up for our first date (complete with my old roommates!) to our first date restaurant to the football stadium where we’ve spent every home game in our relationship together since.

Proposal Ideas Austin, Texas

We spent the whole day navigating the clues “together” and visiting our closest friends at each stop along the way. The final clue sounded a lot like the stadium, but he blindfolded me on the drive so I had no idea we would be on center field until he took it off!

Morgan's Proposal in Austin, Texas

We had this awesome moment alone in an empty stadium when he proposed. Of course, I said YES!! To my surprise, both of our families were watching from the stands on the 50-yard line, which is when I really lost it. I think of new details about that day all of the time and will forever be impressed.

Special Thanks

Emilee Guidorzi
 | Photographer