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How We Met

Coming from a small no stop light town in Kansas, I never would have guessed I would be meeting the love of my life. Labor day in my hometown isn’t a small celebration, it’s actually a 5 day celebration full of dances, kid races, class reunions, beer gardens, and the longest parade known in Kansas to date. That Friday, I drove home from nursing school, and of course headed straight towards the first home football game. Like any small town, everyone knows everyone. I actually spotted a guy I wasn’t familiar with, so I (rudely) stared, and found him actually quiet attractive. I went on with the game, and later on ran into him again at a beer garden across the street. There, I played off the exchanged glances and acted like I didn’t see him, and caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. Next thing I know, my roommate (also best friend from high school) was dragging me towards his direction where her boyfriend was standing next to him. My nerves were at an ultimate high, and my heart started racing.

He reached for my hand, shook it, and said “Hi, I’m Granson.” Turns out, he was the new Rec Director in town, and had been there for only a few months. As the night went on full of conversation and flirting, he finally stopped me mid conversation and said, “I’m sorry to correct you, but my name isn’t GRAYson, it’s GRANson.” *Face palm to forehead* I just knew that was the end of things, when next thing I know I’m giving him my number, and we are making plans to meet up at the kid races the following day that he was in charge of. I’d be crazy not to go, so obviously we met up there the next day, and for the rest of the weekend, we were inseparable. I introduced him to my parents, and a few short weeks later, I was meeting his parents. Needless to say, we started dating not long after meeting, and have been inseparable ever since. 6 hours total of driving every other weekend has it’s pros and cons, but the time we spend together is nothing sort of amazing. I’m forever thankful for my friend dragging me over there, because she introduced me to the most kind-hearted, loving, and supportive guy I’ve come to call my fiancé! Image 2 of Morgan and Granson

how they asked

December 17th, 2016. Best. Day. Ever. I came home from work to my fiancé, Granson, sitting on the couch bundled up in blankets. On this particular day, there was about 3 feet of snow on the ground, 20 mph winds, and it was about -2 degrees outside. Typical winter day in Kansas actually. My parents and sister were in the city to do some last minute Christmas shopping, so we were to meet up with them for lunch. On our way to meet up with them, Granson looks at me, and says “Ya know, let’s get dressed up really nice and go out to eat somewhere fancy tonight.” Okay, time out. WHAT? We don’t do that. We go to Buffalo Wild Wings and consider that our “nice”, and now we are taking it seriously!? Who are you, and what have you done with my boyfriend?

Anyways, after lunch, my little sister tags along with us back to my house, and she asks if we can go look at Christmas lights tonight at Botanica Gardens. Keep in mind, still snowing, and still -2 degrees outside. I brushed it off, when I hear Granson on the phone with his sister. She and her boyfriend were coming to Wichita to look at Christmas lights, and then going to dinner and invited us along. I was secretly soon excited because Christmas lights are my favorite thing, like ever. I’m doing my hair, when I stop and look at my sister and say, “what if he is proposing tonight?” She looks at me with that sister smile that tells you that you said something stupid without having to say it.

I brushed it off, and was ready to go! I had no idea my sister was coming with us, and I was frantically texting my mom telling her to hurry up so she didn’t have to stay home alone, when my sister just decided to tag along! So, we all made the trip to Botanica Gardens, which was absolutely breathtaking. I was there to look at the lights, and I stopped at every single light there was too see. Meanwhile, Granson was about 5 feet in front of us walking extremely fast, and not taking in the lights. Finally, he just stops. He grabs my hand, and walks me up this lighted path and stopped me in front of a giant evergreen tree that was lit to perfection. We don’t say anything, and then he just blurts out “Wow, this is just a great tree.” He then grabs me, kisses me, and next thing I know he’s on one knee, asking me to marry him.

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I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea his sister and her boyfriend, along with my sister were behind us taking pictures, and screaming with joy. I’m pretty sure I said “Oh my gosh, are you serious?” about 100 times within 2 minutes. Turns out, everyone had this planned for awhile, and really had me convinced we were literally going to look at lights! We left Botanica Gardens in a hurry, because I mean, it was still -2 degrees outside, and we headed to dinner. I wasn’t allowed to call anyone until we got to dinner, which I wasn’t allowed to know where dinner was either. We pulled into Granite City, and right as I’m about to call my mom, I look up and see my Mom, Dad, Granson’s parents and grandparents all sitting at a table waiting for us. They knew too! Despite the snow, wind, and temperature, I didn’t even mind it because I got to say yes to marrying my soulmate, my number one fan, and best friend!

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