Morgan and Graham

Morgan's Proposal in Sylva, North Carolina

How We Met

Morgan and Graham were introduced by mutual friends at the end of Morgan’s freshman year and Graham’s senior year at UNCW. They hit it off, but it seemed unlikely they’d be able to really date each other given that Morgan was getting ready to leave to study abroad in Costa Rica, and Graham was just starting a job that would have him driving across the country.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sylva, North Carolina

After just a few months though Graham planned a trip to visit Morgan in Costa Rica. They started dating long distance not long after she got back to the country, and Graham eventually got a job that kept him in Raleigh instead of living out of his car :) The past few years have been filled with adventures, trips, and too many memories to count!

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How They Asked

Four years ago Graham and I were introduced by mutual friends in our college fraternity and sorority. We hit it off right away, but unfortunately, it was the end of the year. I was leaving to study abroad in Costa Rica for 4 months, and Graham was taking a job traveling across the country. I thought I would likely not see him again after he graduated, but we kept in touch and became closer and closer.

Fourth of July rolled around and Graham decided it was as good of a time as any to take a 3 day weekend and fly down to Costa Rica. I seriously could not believe I was seeing him again…especially in Costa Rica!! We have been together ever since and have loved traveling the world sharing adventures with each other. This February Graham decided our next adventure would be getting married!

On a weekend trip to the mountains with our friends, Graham got down on one knee by the campfire and asked me to be his wife. I was so shocked that I at first thought it was all a joke. I rolled my eyes at him and said: “what are you doing!?” By the second time he asked me to marry him I realized it was NOT a joke and totally lost it! We were surrounded by our best friends, back in North Carolina where this crazy journey all started; everything was perfect. I could not be more excited to become Mrs. Taylor!!