Morgan and George

How We Met

I’ve known George for a while. We go to the same church and have always been mutual “friends”. We didn’t really consider dating or anything like that. Honestly, I thought he was kind of a jerk because of all of the things that I had heard about him. During the Christmas season of 2014, we started hanging out more because I am close to his family and we always have a lot of church events during the holidays. I realized then that he was not a jerk at all. (That just goes to prove that you should never listen to other’s opinions whole heartily because they aren’t always right). George treated me with the most respect and was always kind to me. When we started dating in February, I knew that something was different with him. I felt safe and loved. Our whole relationship was natural. It wasn’t forced. I didn’t have to try to get along with George. It just happened. Even to this day I feel like he is the boy version of me because we are alike in so many ways.

how they asked

We had been talking about getting married for a couple of months. We went to look at rings, talked a little about details, and talked to our families. I wasn’t expecting George to propose to me until November/December. But I’m so happy that I was wrong!

On Saturday October 10th, 2015- We had plans to go out with his family to celebrate his brother, Adam’s birthday at a local restaurant. His family has an ongoing group text and his mom told everyone to wear fall colors because we were going to be taking pictures with Mom Mom (his grandmother). This was totally normal and I didn’t suspect anything. We were meeting everyone at 7:30. He told me that he wanted me to be ready at 6:30 because he wanted to go look at some land. George is always doing random things like that so I didn’t second guess anything.

He came to get me and we rode out to the Old Mill in Sanford,NC. We stopped at the bridge and he told me to get out and that he had to show me something. When we drove up I saw my parents car and I was starting to get confused. He lead me on the bridge and I immediately started crying because I knew what was going on. Lined against the bridge were candles and in the center were pumpkins spelling out, “will you marry me?” Seriously. The most perfect scene that I have ever witnessed. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking. There was a photographer there and both of our families (all 21 of them) were on the other side of the pumpkins. He got down on one knee and then asked me the simplest question that I have ever been asked. He asked me to be his wife! I said yes! Our family shouted and everything was perfect.

Image 1 of Morgan and George

Image 2 of Morgan and George

Afterwards, we all took some pictures with the beautiful scene that he created. Then we went to a local restaurant with our entire family. George told me that he wanted me to have a perfect engagement but it was. Every detail was thought of and planned. He had texted my roommate, Courtney to make sure that my nails were done. She came and asked me on Wednesday night if I wanted to go get my nails done. She recently got engaged so I figured that she just wanted to keep her nails looking good. Coincidentally, I went earlier in the week. He doesn’t miss anything and that’s just one of the reasons why I love him so much.

Image 3 of Morgan and George