Morgan and Garret

How We Met

I applied to a seasonal job at the local electronic store where I didn’t know anyone. This is where I met Garret. At first we didn’t get along, actually we barely even talked. Once the season was over I was asked to stay on part time, I gladly accepted, only to find out I had taken Garret’s position. We ended up not speaking for a month or two, he was then re-hired. We slowly started speaking, eventually we exchanged numbers. We texted on and off about random things; movies, work, school etc. One day I was working an evening shift, Garret had stopped by out of boredom (our town doesn’t have much to do in it). Before leaving he asked me if I was doing anything the next day and if I would like to go see a movie with him. I obviously agreed. We went to “Drive Angry” it was a good choice in movies, not romantic, or gory. The whole time I felt butterflies and sparks, I wanted some kind of physical contact like a brush against my hand. Every time he got close to me I felt electric almost. After the movie was over he drove me home, I was about to get out of the car but he pulled me in and kissed my cheek. Needless to say we were inseparable after that.

how they asked

I’ve been obsessed with engagement’s for 3+ years, so naturally I’ve been waiting for this moment, also I’m horrible at surprises I ruin anything related to a surprise. I told Garret if we were to get engaged I wanted my nails done, him to ask my parents permission and pictures to be taken. Fast forward to our mini vacation. We had only just got back from Cuba to see my best friend tie the knot. Within a couple weeks of being home Garret had mentioned about going to Toronto to see the Chainsmokers (I always wanted to see them, except I wanted to go to Europe to see them) I knew Garret also wanted to go to Toronto to see his best friend. We booked our plane tickets, purchased our concert tickets and within three weeks we were off. Little did I know all of this was a planned since before Cuba. I asked Garret on the plane if we could stop and see Niagara falls, he said we didn’t have time, so I left it at that. We landed in Toronto and our friends picked us up from the airport later on we went out for a bite to eat. I asked what the plan was for the following day and no one knew what we we’re going to do. When we arrived at their home, Alex (Garret’s best friend) suggested “What if we went to Niagara Falls? We’ve never been there”. I’m secretly freaking out because I really wanted to go. Later that night, Garret mentioned that he didn’t want to go to Niagara Falls because we wouldn’t have the time. I told him to tell Alex that, but he said no because Alex sounded excited.

Morgan's Proposal in Niagara Falls

DAY OF; I changed a few times in the morning because the apparent weather was supposed to be cool and cloudy. Once we arrived I was the first to make it down the hill to the falls. Tiffany (a photographer, who is Alex’s girlfriend) starts taking pictures of Niagara Falls while I took pictures with my cell phone. She took pictures of me and Garret, and I took pictures of them. We relocated to a new spot, Garret asked me to remove my purse which of course I do (it’s huge and bulky) this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Niagara Falls

My back is to Garret posing for the pictures, he tells me how beautiful it is here, this is when I turned around and said it was absolutely gorgeous. I noticed Garret was being a little weird, but I didn’t think anything of it.

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Morgan and Garret's Engagement in Niagara Falls

Where to Propose in Niagara Falls

He continues on to say how he loves traveling with me, and wishes to do it a lot more. He grabbed my hips turned me around and got down on one knee and asked “Will you Marry me?” At first I’m speechless. Then my hands go up to my face and I start crying, within all the tears I manage a yes and give him my hand. I told him many years ago that I wouldn’t cry I’d just say “shut up”, but in fact I couldn’t even stand up without his help. I was completely blown away by this surprise. I’m now going to marry my best friend.

Garret had this planned since end of 2016, he just needed the perfect excuse and this concert was it. He also asked my parents permission 2 days before we left for Toronto.

Special Thanks

Tiffany Colp