Morgan and Ed

how we met

They actually met at a party when Morgan was visiting a friend at Ed’s university. They hit it off, but they thought they would never see each other again because they were going to different schools. Turns out that 2 years later, Ed moved closer to Morgan’s hometown of Kansas City and that same friend Morgan was visiting invited both of them to a party again. And that time Ed was very quick to get Morgan’s number and ask her on a date! Also… ps that mutual friend is going to be their officiant! How special is that?!

how they asked

Ed proposed on their family vacation in July (2019) in Fort Lauderdale. Morgan’s sister was taking pictures of them by the water before they went to their dinner reservations which Morgan’s family claimed was to celebrate Morgan’s sister and dad’s birthdays that are in July. Ed got down on his knee right there on the beach and Morgan’s sister got all my surprised reactions on camera.

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