Morgan and Ebo

How We Met

Ebo and I were both raised in the same small town. With only being 2 years apart you would think we would have come in contact with each other growing up but nope! It wasn’t until we both went off to college and moved back to our home town that we met. I remember vividly he was running for a city council position in our home town and I thought his name was so unique. I had seen his name around town on posters but never met him before. It wasn’t until a mutual friend introduced us that I finally was able to meet him

How They Asked

My sister and her boyfriend were coming to town for Fourth of July. My mom has told me to reach out to Jess because she wanted family pictures done. Since all four of us and our significant others would all be in town together it was the perfect time. I reached out to Jess and I apologized because it was “so last minute”….. well turns out I wasn’t actually coordinating anything HAHA. My mom and best friend had previously reached out to Jess and already coordinated it with Jess. I was just “thinking” I was doing all of the work. Well the day comes and it is RAINING. Torrential downpour. I mean it’s Florida, you really never know what is going to happen. We ended up pushing our session back 30 minutes. I wasn’t freaking out at all because I had no idea what the plan was. We started off with family pictures first then my sister and her bf took a couple candid pictures and then it was our turn. Ebo was behind me and was supposed to pick me up and spin me around. Well turns out it was all a plan so he could kneel behind me! I was waiting and waiting and he wasn’t there and all I heard was “Morgan turn around!” and the rest was history!



Special Thanks