Morgan and Dylan

How We Met

We met the very first day of college. I was a freshman coming from Texas to this small town in Kansas to play volleyball. I didn’t have my mind set on anything else but to go to school and play my favorite sport. On the first day of school, we had the same Journalism class together. The first time I saw him he looked like a “too cool for school” kind of skater kid. After class was over we could choose to leave whenever we liked.

Where to Propose in New York

Some of the older students stayed behind to work on things while a few of us newbies left. Dylan and I happened to leave at the same time and his first sentence to me was, “So, you play volleyball huh?” it was cute and we talked the whole way walking to our dorms and then literally talked every day after that. Exactly one month after meeting, we started dating. And four years later now we’re engaged!! I have truly met my other part and best friend.

Morgan and Dylan's Engagement in New York

how they asked

It all started when my little sister, Olivia, wanted to surprise me with a trip to New York as a Christmas/College Graduation present. It had always been a dream of mine to go to New York. The day finally arrived for my sister and I to leave. I felt a little guilty leaving Dylan with my parents for the holiday, but he assured me it was okay to go with my sister. And off we went… We explored the city together, and I decided to kept track with daily travel diary videos. On day 4 of our trip, my sister told me she wanted us to dress up nice and go to a restaurant near Central Park. I was all in to go. Later in the evening, we started walking towards the “restaurant”. I was excited but freezing! I kept asking, “What type of food is it?”. She again told me it was a surprise. So I went along with it. We then came up to the Cherry Hill fountain. “Oh look!” she said, “We have to take pictures/videos.”

It was dark and cold, and I did not want to stop and take videos or photos but she convinced me to take pictures anyway. As I stood in front of the fountain, my sister began recording and I struck some silly poses. As I was laughing, I saw Dylan walking towards me! I was in shock and all I said was, “You’re in New York?!” He then took my hands and told me that I was his best friend and how he loved me so. Then, the moment came when he got on his knee and asked me to marry him.

I was so excited, and I said yes! At that point, I didn’t even really see the ring. I was just so happy and in shock. After that, he told me he had another surprise. He turned around and I could see his parents and mine walking towards us. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, our parents were there! We then spent the rest of the 4 days hanging out, celebrating New Years and going to the Statue of Liberty. It was not only great to spend with my fiancé, but our parents and my sister were able to spend it with us. It was truly the best and most memorable Christmas, and proposal, ever.

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