Morgan and Dorian

How We Met

Wait for it…

We are high school sweethearts :) haha

Actually we became best friends in summer school (we both failed math) and our friendship just continued to grow! We started dating the day after Dorian graduated and the rest is history!

how they asked

So everyone that knows me knows I’m a horrible cook. I’ve burnt cinnamon buns twice, once on a plastic pan.. its true.

Image 1 of Morgan and Dorian

But a way to a mans heart is his stomach right?! So I continued to try. One night I decided to take a risk and make chicken fried chicken, gravy and all. When Dorian got home, we made our plates, and he started acting really weird. I obviously thought my fried chicken sucked so I thought ice cram might make up for it. S’mores for me & Red Velvet for Dorian. I turned around with the spoons and he was on one knee!! I was so shocked I blurted out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” and it took me a minute to really understand what was happening. He told me how much he loved me and asked if I would marry him. I said yes and instantly became the happiest girl in the whole freaking world. We got married almost two years later on our 5 year anniversary and ‘m still the happiest girl in the whole freaking world.

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