Morgan and Dominic

how we met

We originally met back in middle school but it wasn’t until his senior year of college when we really became friends. We had a few mutual friends who still lived in the area that he would come back to hangout with and that’s where or friendship/story really started.

how they asked

He always says he knew I was the one when I could hang like one of the guys, for me it took a few things to realize he was actually the one! From the beginning Dominic fit right in with both sides of my family with having divorced parents the fact that he got along so well with both my mom and step dad and my dad and step mom was super important to me, even my siblings and cousins approved of him right from the start. Watching him interact with his family especially his nieces and nephews really touched my heart, Dominic has one of the kindest hearts I have ever met especially when it comes to children – I know he is going to be the best dad one day! Other things that made me know he was the one was how he always takes care of me from saving me from bats in my apartment before we were dating to making me breakfast while I sleep a little longer on Sunday after a long week at work he shows me that he loves me unconditionally and I have never had to question that.

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