Morgan and Derrick

How We Met

Derrick and I first met when we were fifteen years old. We saw each other for the first time at a donkey basketball fundraiser event- yes, this means a basketball game played while riding on donkeys. Afterwards, he contacted me and asked to go to see a movie with him. We hit it off and have been together ever since! From then on, we shared many milestones together, like getting our driver’s licenses, going to four proms, graduating from high school, and starting college. The memories we have together is priceless. The longer we are together, the closer we are. We really are best friends! Derrick makes me feel special every single day. Life is an adventure with him by my side!

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Morgan's Proposal in Orange Beach, Alabama

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how they asked

After Christmas, my family (parents, grandparents, and brother) drove down to Orange Beach, Alabama for a post-holidays getaway. Derrick told me that he had to work that week, so he didn’t get to come down with us. On New Year’s Eve, the ladies went out to lunch for oysters. Then, we were going to meet the guys back at the condo and go out to a really nice dinner. When we got back to the condo, I was met at the door by my brother, Brayden, who handed me some roses. Then, he walked me down to the lobby, where my Papaw handed me some more roses. Then, my Papaw walked me to the gate to the beach where my Dad was waiting with the last of the roses and a handwritten letter from Derrick. Up the walkway to the beach were signs that had some of our favorite Bible verses about love. I read the letter and followed the signs and found Derrick standing beside a sign that said “I Promised” (he had given me a promise ring a year before). I was in complete shock because he was supposed to be working in Kentucky! I ran to him and hugged him and that’s when he got down on one knee! I looked up at our balcony of the condo and my whole family was there with a sign that said “Morgan, we said “yes”. Did you?” Not only did Derrick ask my Dad for permission to marry me, he also asked my Mom, brother, and grandparents! I’m still so overwhelmed about the thought and love that went into this proposal! He did this thing right- he made sure I would be dressed up, had my nails done, had a photographer, and asked the most important people in my life for permission. I’m one blessed girl!

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