Morgan and David's Disney Engagement

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How We Met

Hi! My name is Morgan Honey Muckleroy and my now fiancé (so fun to say!) David Lepper and I have been together for 4 years. We met 4 years ago working together at the happiest place on Earth…DISNEY WORLD! We both worked at the Contemporary Resort; he was a lifeguard and I was a children’s activities coordinator! We met one day while I was setting up a campfire for s’mores; he came up to me while it was raining and asked if I would like to go to Animal Kingdom together. So, our first “date” was at Animal Kingdom shortly after we met! We continued dating and on November 8, 2012 David asked me to become “proper” which is foreign for..”will you be my girlfriend”. David is from NEW ZEALAND and I am from Texas!! We spent every second we could together and with friends learning and growing together! David, I call him Davo, so when his internship was up he went back to New Zealand, and we had to do long distance and we have been doing long (literally long) distance since November 2012!!! So we take turns going from here to there and from there to here once a year. Yes thats right, we only get to see each other once or twice a year!! Distance is hard, but what I tell people is that long distance WILL work as long as it is truly meant to be. David is the complete opposite of me, to where I am loud, obsessed with people and all things glittery, and attention I can’t get enough of; whereas Davo is calm, patient, incredibly loving and THE most caring and thoughtful human being there is!! He truly is my person, my best friend and the man I cannot wait to continuously love for the rest of my life and more. David would do things that you would think are right out of a movie. For my 21st birthday, I was still working at Disney World, my friend and I were planning on going to Magic Kingdom that day, but she wanted to stop at The Contemporary Resort to pick something up. Well I was completely unaware of what was about to happen. We are walking outside at the resort, and we come up to campfire (remember this spot is where it all began for me and Davo) and I turn the corner and there, standing 20 feet in front of me is the love of my life. We weren’t suppose to see each other for another 8 months. He not only flew across the world to come surprise me for my birthday, I HAD NO IDEA about the whole thing! The morning of my birthday we wake up and little to my knowledge, he says “get up, start packing, we are leaving for a cruise to Cozumel soon” !!! That is just a little into the love of my life, my fiancé and all of his kind, loving heart that he has. I can’t even begin to tell you how truly and gratefully blessed I am not only to know this man, but to be able to get to love him from now until always.

how they asked

In November 2015 he came in town for the holidays! We decided to take advantage of being together and planned with a family (that I nanny for) to take a trip to Disney World in January! Linda (the mom who I nanny for) booked all of our fast passes, rides and reservations; so right before we left she called me and told me they had an opening at The California Grill and for a fireworks cruise, so she booked it for me and Davo. On January 16, 2016 we went to the California Grill, which is a roof top restaurant at the Contemporary Resort (where we met and fell in love) after dinner we went downstairs to the marina onto a private boat where there was a professional photographer who I was told “worked for Disney and was just doing some shots for the boat.”

The boat went all around the resorts then parked right in front of Magic Kingdom’s Castle and while the fireworks were going off, David got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together !!!

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And we got it all captured by the photographer !! After the fireworks were over(the tears of joy definitely weren’t over yet) we got off the boat and headed over to the Magic Kingdom, where the park was empty because of the rain and we got basically a private photo shoot of us on Main Street as a Newly ENGAGED COUPLE!!! I am so grateful for our love and am the luckiest girl on the planet!! This day is a day that our love will always remember.
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