Morgan and David

Image 1 of Morgan and David

How We Met! One of his very first messages to me was, “I like your mom more than you because she works at TCU.” David is a TCU alum, while I went to the notably better school down the road, Baylor University (SIC’EM BEARS). Needless to say, it was love at first message ;)

how they asked

On our first date, David and I went to a local ice cream shop, sat on a bench outside and talked for hours. This is the same bench where 300 days later he would propose!

The Friday before he proposed we had gone to dinner and talked about our week. Later that night he told me he thought, because my week had been a little stressful, that I should take a day for myself. He also mentioned that I should take some time to get my nails done on Saturday, in order to “de-stress.” This struck me as odd because David is very much a guy’s guy and has never talked about my nails.

On Saturday morning I did just that – got my nails done. I texted a few girlfriends thinking it was a bit odd that he had mentioned my nails and that I think he may propose to which they all told me they weren’t sure and not to get my hopes up too much for the day in case he didn’t. (Unbeknownst to me, he had already told them he was proposing and they were busy planning a surprise engagement party!) After I did my nails, I ran other errands and told David I would be over to his house by 2:45pm.

David immediately told the photographer to be ready around 2:45.

Needless to say, I was 45 minutes late. Typical. The moment I walked into his house he ushered me out the door and told me he wanted to get Jeni’s Ice Cream. We have gone there regularly since our first date, so I didn’t think that was out of the ordinary. However, he did seem to be in a hurry to get ice cream…

We got to Jeni’s, ordered our ice cream, and little did I know he had the ring in his shirt pocket (with no case, so I couldn’t see it). After we got our dessert and went to “our bench.” The bench where 300 days before we had met for the first time. Two bites into his ice cream, with shaking hands and tears in his eyes, he got down on one knee and proposed!

Image 2 of Morgan and David

He had written out a speech the night before, but admittedly forgot most of it. (Don’t worry, he read it to me at dinner.)

Image 3 of Morgan and David

He then pointed to the street, where a hidden photographer had been taking pictures and dodging traffic. After the proposal he blocked off time to call our friends and family before we went to our favorite dinner spot in town, which he had made reservations for. The last surprise of the day was an engagement party he had secretly planned with many of my friends once we arrived home from dinner.

Image 4 of Morgan and David

And there you have it, our all American, sweet-as-could-be, ice cream date proposal !

Special Thanks

Sarah Scott
 | Photographer