Morgan and David

How We Met

The first time my fiance David and I met was during freshman orientation for our high school in August of 2008. David was the new kid that my mom tried forcing me to be friends with because we are both military brats and she was friends with his mom. Unfortunately I was a brat when I met him since I had a boyfriend at the time. I smiled, said hi, and walked away to my friends, I didn’t even give him the time of day. For the next three months my mom and his mom kept telling us we needed to meet again and hangout. One day at school a cute boy walked up to my friend and I to tell my friend sometime about class. As he walked away I said “who was that?!” My friend informed me that that was David Sheehan, the guy I was supposed to be friends with. She convinced me to go to a Volleyball game a few weeks later knowing David would be there also. David sat a few rows behind us but I felt confident that day. I turned around and reintroduced myself, this time being much nicer. David and I became great friends. He moved to Las Vegas at the end of the school year but we remained friends and spoke every day.

During Sophomore year my boyfriend at the time and I broke up. David and I ended up becoming a little more than friends after we confessed to liking each other. A few months later my family and I went on a trip to Las Vegas for my sisters cheer competition. During this trip I was able to spend some time with David. We both realized we hated being apart and missed each other dearly. By the end of my trip David had decided to move with his dad back to the small town in California where I lived to be with me. Junior year we spent together. Senior year David moved back to Las Vegas, we were not together but remained friends speaking every day. The distance was hard and we both wanted to be together. I began applying to schools and found out the University of Nevada, Las Vegas had an amazing school for my degree. I got in!

I moved to Las Vegas in 2012. David and I had our ups and downs, we would get stressed out with college and break-up for a couple of months at a time, but we always loved each other and were able to work things out. We have been together since April 10, 2015!

Morgan and David's Engagement in Las Vegas, NV

how they asked

I got a call from a friend, Alexis, that David and I both knew from high school. She wanted to catch up and just chat about life. At one point she said she had a plane ticket she needed to use. She asked if she could stay with David and I and we both said yes, of course. A few weeks before she was set to arrive, David suggested that she take our graduation photographs since she is a great photographer and would be in town any way. After some consideration, I realized this would be a great idea. Little did I know Alexis did not have a plane ticket she needed to use, she was actually helping David plan the perfect proposal. I also didn’t know our graduation pictures would end with David on one knee asking me to be his wife.

Fast forward to December 1, 2017, a beautiful Friday morning. Alexis, David, and I woke up a little early, ate breakfast, got ready, and took off for the UNLV campus. For the next hour or so we took many pictures at different locations. There is a small nature display on campus with small bridges that cross over what is supposed to look like a riverbed. Alexis suggested that I have my back facing the camera and walk across the bridge. She took a few pictures and then told me to turn around. I turned around and there was David on one knee. I asked “are you serious?! Is this really happening?!” I began to cry and kiss David. My best friend, the guy I had loved for years was asking me to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn’t have been happier. While I was crying, like a baby, David laughed and said “wait, will you marry me?” I of course said yes and cried even harder.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Las Vegas, NV

After Alexis took pictures and David and I hugged, kissed, and admired my ring I decided I needed to call my mom to tell her. She informed me that she knew and had been waiting all day for my call. I told her I needed to get off the phone and call my sister, she responded with “no you don’t because she is there, she flew in last night!” As she said that my sister ran around the corner. My sister had flown all the way from the east coast to spend this awesome day with David and I. I had no idea she was coming but I had always wanted my sister to be there to celebrate when it finally happened.

After David proposed we went to lunch with a few of our friends to celebrate. Once lunch was over we went to a beautiful park to take engagement pictures. Alexis had made a beautiful sign for us to take pictures with. David did perfect, he proposed and planned an engagement photo session in the same day!

He planned this for months and had to keep diverting my attention away from his actual plan. He had actually been telling me that he was planning on proposing on December 18th, the day before we graduated college. I am very proud that he was able to pull something like this off since I never let him get away with surprises. I had absolutely no idea and I still get butterflies when I think about the proposal. It was perfect.

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