Morgan and Dalton

How We Met

We met five years ago at a small, local burger shack in Boulder, Colorado. Our two groups of friends rushed to Snarf Burger before it closed to get a late night bite. Not ready to stop a Saturday night party so soon, our two groups of friends ended up going back to Morgan’s house to eat our burgers, have a few more beers, and get to know one another. After that night our two groups of friends became one, and our friendship turned into the beautiful relationship we have today.

How They Asked

During our Spring Break in 2015, we took an amazing road trip from Colorado to California to camp and see the Redwood forest. It was the longest road trip we had been on together and was a defining time in our relationship.Fast forward to Spring Break 2018, we were now living in Califonia and decided to take a road trip to Washington. Dalton planned the route so we would stay at the same places and go on the same hike through the redwoods that we did in 2015. After a while walking through the giant trees, Dalton set his camera on a tripod so we could get a picture, but instead of posing for the camera, he got down on one knee (getting the whole thing on video)! To make things even more special, when we got to Washington, Dalton surprised Morgan with her immediate family being there to celebrate!Dalton started planning the big proposal about a year in advance, working with Morgan’s dad to make it a whole weekend of surprises!

Special Thanks

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