Morgan and Corey

Image 1 of Morgan and Corey

For Months, I was planning a birthday party for Corey’s 27th birthday. The party was the Saturday before his birthday. Anybody who knows me knows I am serious about any event with my name on it, so I arrived at the venue for the party at 1 pm to make sure the party was perfect for Corey.

Corey’s cousin Tiffanie offered to do my makeup, so we met at 5pm to begin the process of getting ready. Around 5:30 Corey text me saying “We have a problem” slightly confused I called him to ask what was going on. When he answered the phone he said “Marcus got on the wrong train and he’s at 30th street station, we need to go pick him up”. Being the “fixer” that I am, I started making suggestions of other people who could pick Marcus up from the train and told Corey we could figure it out when I was dressed and hung up the phone. After hanging up, I thought more about this “problem” and sent Corey a text suggesting we just send an uber to pick Marcus up from the train (it’s 2017…duh!). Corey did not respond to my text, but he called me saying “I just need a few minutes with you, today is my Dad’s birthday and I’ve been thinking about him a lot, before my party I just want to spend a few minutes with you and my best friend”

I asked Tiffanie how much time it would take her to finish my makeup, asked Corey to wait a few minutes for me to change and then went to meet him in the lobby of the building.

Once we left the party venue, Corey started “calling” Marcus’ phone to let him know we were on the way to the train station to pick him up, but Marcus wasn’t answering. The ride to 30th street was about 10 minutes. During that time Corey and I talked and caught up on the day since we had not had a chance to spend much time together. As we were pulling up to the train station there was a lot of traffic at the entrance. Corey asked if I could walk into the train station and find Marcus while he waited in traffic to reach the front door. As I got out of the car Corey said “see if he’s by stairway 1”

As I walk into the train station the conductor is announcing the departing trains, then I hear “Morgan Waller please meet your party at stairway 1” at that moment I realize what’s happening.

Now I’ve watched a million lifetime movies and every romantic comedy there is, so at this point I’m braced for a flash mob (like the flash mob Justin Timberlake planned in “Friends With Benefits”) As I’m walking to stairway 1 I am talking to myself saying “just act normal…don’t draw any attention to yourself”. The conductor made the announcement again “Morgan Waller please meet your party at stairway 1” At this point I am standing by the statue at stairway 1. I then turn to face the schedule board and I see Corey walking toward me with a box in his hand.

He asked….I said yes!

Corey also arranged for my sister to be there to document the moment. She stood behind me the entire time (I had no idea) and recorded the entire proposal on video!