Morgan and Conrad

How We Met: Conrad and I met in 2007 back when we were both in high school I was a freshman and he was a senior. We were on spring break in Hilton Head, he was down there with a friend of his who his parents were friends with mine. We all met up to go to dinner one night and couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. We spent the entire spring break together.

While we were there my family had there boat so we took everyone on a little cruise to Savannah Georgia, and that’s where we feel in love. He says the moment he looked at me laying on the front of the boat laughing and having a good time in my green bikini, he will never forget realizing I was the one. Our trip slowly came to an end and we decided to go our separate ways because back at home we were both dating people.

We didn’t share any personal information therefore never seeing each other again wouldn’t be difficult. We both leave and go back to our home towns, we get back to school and that next day in the hallway of Davie High there he was…. We both looked at each other for a few minutes wondering if this was possible! Finally he said “really” and I said “I can’t believe it either.” We ran into each other after every class everyday the rest of the year! It was torturous! So finally that summer we ended our other relationships we had and just had to be together! :)

Image 1 of Morgan and Conrad

how they asked: My mom and I had been planning a pantry party for me and Conrad on our move to Mooresville, Nc. We invited a bunch of family and friends and listed things on the invitation we needed for our move to help stock our kitchen and cleaning supplies. The pantry party day finally arrived, February 22nd on a Sunday. Everyone start showing up, even friends from work!

Before we opened our gifts my mom announces that she wants us to stand at the front of the living room so she can give a toast to us moving. She’s says some super sweet words and we toast, next thing I know Conrad says he wants to say a few words as well, he starts with his speech and I can tell he is incredibly nervous so I’m thinking this is just really awkward in front of everyone so I start saying thank you a few times to see if he will stop! Then my grandmother starts crying and I turn to look at her and tell her we are only moving an hour away! I turn back around to keep listening to Conrad’s really Sweet but awkward speech and he is down on one knee!!!

Image 2 of Morgan and Conrad

I was so in shock because that was not what was running through my mind at all! I hipervenilated a little bit from the shock and finally registered to say YES, OF COURSE!!! So my “pantry party” I had spent so much time planning was actually my engagement party!