Morgan and Christian

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How We Met

Christian and I met in high school through a mutual friend at our church in Arizona. It was my freshman year of high school and I remember how cute I thought he was that Sunday at church. The next day in my freshman science class, I told one of my friends about him. Surprisingly enough she actually knew who he was! Christian and I went to different high schools but my friend knew him because they had gone to the same middle school together. Once she told me his name I did what any high school girl at that time would do – I added him on Facebook. Shortly after, he wrote on my wall and asked if I was the girl he met at youth group. I panicked. No one wrote on your wall back then. That’s what messaging is for! Instead of writing back I deleted his post. Looking back I have no clue why did that. I just remember being so embarrassed because I took his post as though he didn’t know who I was and thought I was creepy. Luckily, there were a few times later on in high school where we would message each other, but every time we did we would reach a point in the conversation where I either didn’t know what to say or thought he didn’t want to keep messaging, so I would just stop responding. Some would see this as I was playing hard to get, but the reality is I honestly thought that he was not interested at all. So it wasn’t until the summer going into senior year that I finally initiated a conversation and strategically worked my way to where we exchanged numbers. This was a very big deal. The first day he texted me, I was in San Diego on vacation with my family. I remember as we were getting to know each other, we talked about how we both wanted to go to school in California. We ended up dating during our senior year of high school and we have some of the best memories together. We also both ended up going to school in San Diego, which leads me to how they asked.

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how they asked

Just like high school, we went to different colleges in San Diego, which caused a bit of a problem for when we graduated. Our graduation ceremonies were scheduled for the same day, only an hour apart. We didn’t mind this because we were just excited to have our families there and to celebrate together after the commencement ceremonies. I’m not a big planner so I let Christian and his family choose the spot for us to all meet for brunch. Oddly enough, sunny San Diego wasn’t so sunny that day. It was freezing and rainy. We had a reservation for this awesome brunch spot called Caroline’s that is on the water right by Scripps Pier in La Jolla. We celebrated both of our achievements over a great brunch with an amazing view. Afterwards, both families wanted to go outside to get some pictures by the beach. It was unbelievably cold and none of us were dressed for this kind of weather. It was chaotic but everyone was having fun. I was worried because Christian’s grandparents were with us and I knew they were cold. We were taking pictures in this grass area that overlooked the water. Christian’s cousin, Annabelle, is a very talented photographer and we were so lucky to have her there. After we took family pictures, she and Christian’s three brothers decided that we all go down in the sand for more pictures. At this point I was ready to leave because it was so cold and I knew everyone was freezing, but I didn’t think to say anything and followed our families down the steps to the beach. Annabelle told me and Christian that she wanted pictures of just us two and began coaching us through different poses. Then she told us to look at the ocean. I turned around and was looking at the water when I turned towards Christian, and low and behold he was down on one knee.

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I didn’t see it coming! I was overjoyed. I loved that it was just our families with us in our favorite city. Christian’s family knew it was coming, but he had only told my dad about it. My sister and my mom were just as surprised as I was and I loved everyone’s reactions.

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Christian’s grandparents saw the whole thing from the stop of the stairs we walked down to get to the beach. It meant the world to both of us that they were there. It was the most perfect, memorable, freezing, cold day and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Oh, and of course I said yes!

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