Morgan and Chris

Image 1 of Morgan and ChrisHow we met: He was a senior and I was a freshman at our local high school. Lucky for us, we had gym class together (romantic, I know) and have been inseparable ever since. Who would have thought a little small chat, a few love notes, and some awesome adventures in between would have two high school still falling head over heels for each other 6 years later.

how they asked: I woke up Christmas morning to one little box underneath our Christmas tree addressed to me. I opened up my present to a note saying “Santa and his elves are working hard on your present. You’ll get it soon, I promise”. We went on with our day, eating breakfast and heading over to his parent’s house. On the way home back to our house, he pulled over to a boat ramp overlooking Lake Monroe (which had been “our spot” for 6 years- we haven’t found another spot as relaxing and beautiful). We sat on the same bench we had hundreds of times before, talked about how beautiful the view is and how many exciting things had happened throughout 2014. As we got up to turn away, he grabbed my hand and gave me the sweetest look I’ve ever seen. His eyes got teary and said “Uhm I had this planned out but can’t remember what to say….. I love more than anything in this world and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Morgan Elizabeth Paulus, will you marry me?” Of course I shouted out “YES” in between the tears. It was personal and a place we both drive past every single day. It was absolutely perfect!

Image 2 of Morgan and Chris