Morgan and Chris

Image 1 of Morgan and Chris

How We Met

We met online. I saw his profile and replied to him saying, “You are cute. That is all.” Later on we exchanged each other’s Snapchat information. I was sitting in the middle of a college class when a video call from him came through. I assumed “Oh, it must be an accident” and didn’t answer because I was in class. He replied to me with sad face emojis. I was thinking “Oh! It wasn’t an accident?!” and told him I was in class. He asked me to call him back when I was done. We talked for a few hours that night and got to know each other better. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. Soon enough everyone around us knew that we were more often than not sitting on FaceTime with each other as we went throughout our days.

I flew to Maryland to meet him for the first time in February of 2021. The picture shown is one of our first pictures together.

How They Asked

We spent the day in Seattle with his mom, sister, and son. Our final stop of the day excursion was the Space Needle. We ride the elevator, get to the top, and decide to get some wine and a cupcake for his son. We grab a bottle of wine and head out to the platform to enjoy and take in the sights. His son is sitting between us on a bench. He taps me on the arm and asks, “Morgan, will you marry my daddy?” I reply “Of course” and Chris gets down on one knee beside him and asks “Morgan, will you marry me?” I say “Yes!”. I start to cry as he puts the ring on my hand. I stand up to hug him and his mom shouts “She said yes!!!!”

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