Morgan and Chad

Image 1 of Morgan and Chad

How We Met: Just a few weeks after graduating from Baylor University and moving to Dallas, two of my girlfriends convinced me to go out with them in uptown. We ended up at a super crowded bar and on our way inside, a random guy spilled his drink down the front of my shirt. I was annoyed, and his sweet friend apologized and offered to buy me a drink. I said okay, and we ended up talking the whole night. His name was Chad and we had mutual friends and a lot in common. Although he WAS an aggie, he had an east Texas draw that made everything he said just that much cuter, and I quickly found myself not wanting the night to end. He asked me to dance and while on the dance floor told me that he would love to take me on a date. He got my number and called the following day, asking to pick me up for a dinner date the next Monday. When the time came for our date, Chad was a complete gentleman, opening all my doors, complementing me, and being extremely respectful. He took my to my favorite Mexican food restaurant, and we shared the best date that either of us had ever been on. Who knew that a spilled drink would lead me to the man that would become my husband! God really does work in mysterious ways.

how they asked: In early July, while going through our weekend plans for the remainder of the summer, Chad asked me if we could go to his lake house in East Texas for family weekend in August. I thought nothing of it because the lake is our favorite place, and we often spent the weekend there with his family. When August 14th rolled around, we packed up the car and our two dogs and headed for Lake Cherokee. On the car ride there, I told Chad all of the crazy plans that my friends had for the weekend, not knowing that they were in on his big secret! We spent all Friday and Saturday lounging in the water, taking boat rides, and hanging out with family and friends. Late Saturday afternoon, everyone went inside to get ready for what I thought was just a normal dinner at the country club there. I took a shower and got ready and when I came out of the bathroom, everyone was gone except for Chad. He informed me that they all had different reasons why they had to leave and that we were meeting all of them at the club by boat, so we loaded up and headed out of the cove. As we neared the club, Chad said we had some extra time and suggested that we take a ride to our favorite spot. Once we got there, Chad turned on our favorite song and stopped the boat. I was really confused and asked him why we were stopping. He grabbed my hands and led me to the back of the boat where he got down on one knee. I was in shock and started to cry as the love of my life asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes, and cried harder as I watched him slip my dream ring on to my finger.

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We laughed and cried and kissed and hugged and a photographer appeared out of no where, snapping pictures of us as we celebrated.

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We headed back toward the Country club, but once we got there, Chad kept going. I was once again confused and asked where we were going. Chad just laughed and smiled and said that he hasd another surprise for me. We began to pull up to a dear family friends boat dock and I noticed that there were people, A LOT of people, waving to us from the dock.

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As we pulled in, I realized that all of our family and very best friends had traveled all the way to East Texas from all over Texas (and Kansas)to celebrate us with a surprise enagagement party. We spent the rest of the night celebrating with friends and family, amazing food, gifts, and lots of beer and wine! It was the biggest surprise of my life and Chad truly pulled off an incredible engagement!

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Photos by Sam Smead