Morgan and Cameron

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fredericksburg, Texas

How We Met

Morgan’s Perspective: Cameron and I first met on Saturday, March 25th, 2017. I went to the Houston Rodeo with my college friend/coworker, Mary Jane, who also lived 10 doors down from my apartment. We walked into the Hideout (HLSR Dancehall) to see Flatland Cavalry and made our way to the dance floor to find a table to stand at. MJ saw “some guy” she knew and he came over to say hi to her and then asked her to dance. They danced and then we made our way to the bar to get a drink. She said that she found out he had just moved into the apartment across the hall from her (and, thus, down the hall from me), but I really thought nothing of it since I didn’t know him.

The next day, I was at home getting ready for the week when I got a text from MJ saying that the guy from the night before was asking about me. I, of course, immediately went to Facebook to do some creeping and then let her know that he seemed normal enough so she could pass along my number to him. MJ gave him my number, and let him know that I actually lived down the hall from both of them. The next day he texted me and after talking for a little bit, he finally asked me out to dinner.

We ended up planning to go to El Tiempo the next day. I was SO nervous when he knocked on my door, I mean come on, he lived down the hall from me! If things went weird I was STUCK with him as a neighbor! But, of course, everything came so naturally. We talked about our friends, families, Ryder, careers, and how he was on a “thirty days cleanse from alcohol” (that lasted about 4 days…lol). We just seemed to mesh so well, there was a click immediately between us.

Throughout the Spring and leading into Summer, we were both super busy with our jobs but would still make time to hang out and go on dates. I loved going with him to Collins park to watch him play softball on Sunday afternoons. It’s actually the same park that I used to run around like a little kid with my siblings when my dad would go play softball with the church team.

Leading into Fall, we watched all the Aggie football games together, spent Hurricane Harvey together, and at some point, I just knew I was going to marry him. Our first talk of marriage was after a friend’s wedding at Cameron’s parents’ house. We were just sitting outside talking when I blurted out, “Are we going to get married?” And he, without hesitation, said, “Yep. 100%.” They say “when you know you know,” and for me, that was just it. I remember texting my Mom one night saying “I’m going to marry Cameron, he treats me like a QUEEN” and he ALWAYS does! He is the most understanding, dedicated, and loving person I have ever met and I can’t wait for him to lead me and our future family!

Cameron’s Perspective: My buddy Junior and I had fallen into some free tickets to see Brad Paisley at the HLSR, and anyone who knows me, knows that after I go to Rodeo Houston, I end up at the Hideout. I remember we had just gotten to the Hideout and had a drink or two when I saw Mary Jane and “a really hot girl”. As I walked over to talk to Mary Jane, I remember thinking “man her blonde friend is really cute,” but me being me, I’d have to show her I could dance before just asking her to dance right away. After a few minutes in conversation with Mary Jane (and finding out we had just become neighbors), we went and danced to a song. My plan was working, show Morgan I can dance, walk Mary Jane back over to her area, and then ask Morgan. Great plan, right? I know! Except after the dance, Morgan was nowhere to be found.

I walked around with Junior the rest of the night looking for either Morgan or Mary Jane, but never found them. I bet if you were to ask Junior, he would still remember laughing at me that night when he said something along the lines of “should have asked her first, now she’s gone forever!”

The next day I was laying on the couch trying to creep on Mary Jane’s Facebook to find out who this girl was and could not figure it out! I finally just texted Mary Jane asking for her “hot blonde friend’s number”. Mary Jane told me I could just wait and that she was sure I would run into her again since Morgan lived down the hall… I remember yelling at Seth (my roommate) that I was going to go knock on every door trying to find that pretty blonde.

Later that night Mary Jane sent me Morgan’s number and the rest is history. I texted Morgan saying that she ran away at the Hideout and owed me a date (cocky but confident). She replied, “Sorry, who is this?” Lol. After talking a little bit, she finally agreed to go to dinner with me at El Tiempo (still one of our favorite date nights). We discussed our family, friends, likes/dislikes, fears, careers, and goals, it all came so naturally.

After that, we dated for a few months and spent a lot of time together. One weekend I had a softball game with some buddies I played with, and Morgan wanted to come. So, I invited her to come and watch me play some softball (and I think she enjoyed it). We had another tournament in College Station one weekend and I asked if she wanted to travel up to College Station for the weekend and watch me play. She agreed and had a smile on her face the entire time, even shagged some balls for us. During the game, I looked over and saw Morgan watching me and told the guys on the team that I was going to marry her. They all laughed of course, but at that point, I knew she was the one, even if I didn’t tell her for a few more months.

How They Asked

I can’t help but completely giddy-smile (is that a thing?) when I think of this day and how perfect it was!

I was on what I thought was a sisters’ weekend with Brittan in Fredericksburg, Texas. We both love going up there because it holds a special place in our hearts – our great-grandparents used to have family land and a ranch house that we went to all the time with our family. I think I spent every birthday there until I was like thirteen. But anyways, we love Fredericksburg. We had gotten a little B&B to stay in and were planning on going to a few wineries on Saturday. We got there on Friday and had dinner in town, then went to the B&B and (funnily enough) spent hours talking about Andrew (her husband) and Cameron. Just sweet and sappy things about marriage and families.

We woke up on Saturday and got ready to go to breakfast at a little place outside of town. When we got there though, the wait time was like 2 hours…. I remember Brittan being super frustrated that we would have to go somewhere in town but I figured she just reeeeally wanted their food lol. (After everything, found out that she was actually just nervous that we were going to run into his family or our friends and spoil it.) But we found a place to get some brunch, had the world’s best pecan pancakes with peach syrup, then headed to Pontotoc, that has our all-time-favorite Sangria. I noticed Brittan was on her phone more than usual, but just assumed it was Andrew she was texting (she was actually texting our families our location so that they would know which areas to avoid).

We ended up going to drive by our previous family land and stayed out there for a bit, then headed to Becker Winery. We stayed a LONG time there, and I was questioning why Brittan wanted to hang out there for so long but, we had some cheese, crackers, and rose so life was great. Then Brittan said that she had scheduled a tasting out at Messina Hof which I was excited about because they also have a location in College Station that I had never been to.

We walked in and Brittan went up to the hostess and said we had scheduled a tasting, they said, “Oh you’re Brittan, here for the wine tasting and vineyard tour.” Brittan acted so impressed that they remembered her name haha. They brought us outside to a little reserved table and started our tasting. After that, they asked if we’d like a vineyard tour. We got up and walked over to the middle of the vineyard and still, nothing had hit me. Then all of a sudden I saw some red stuff in the middle of the vineyard and it took a few seconds to register that they were rose petals spread on the ground.

About that same time I saw a very handsome man in jeans and a button up that I realized was Cameron – cue the tears and disbelief – lol. I walked to him and don’t even remember what we said other than “No way you’re here?!” and “I love you so much!!” and “YES of course!!” It was the happiest high of emotions! After we had semi-calmed down, my sister said she had invited my mom so she was going to go meet up with her and give us some time to celebrate just the two of us. Cameron and I sat back down at our same reserved table and just basked in the thrill of it all. We shared a bottle of champagne and then started calling our families together.

Morgan's Proposal in Fredericksburg, Texas

Cameron said we had dinner reservations in town, so we got an uber and then walked into all of our family and friends gathered together to greet us! I was so excited to share this moment with everyone! We had dinner and shared the story with everyone and then spent the rest of the evening dancing at Crossroads in downtown Fredericksburg.

I still can’t believe all the planning, love, and thoughtfulness that Cameron put into this perfect weekend – but really, I’m not surprised at all. He has the biggest heart for me and loves me so much. He’s made me happier than I ever thought I could be, I cannot wait to be his bride!

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