Morgan and Cameron

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At my house overlooking the lake

How We Met

Cameron and I met in high school and I wish I could say the rest was history. However, falling in love at a young age was hard but somehow we always came back to each other. I truly feel that the Lord had things he needed to do in both of our hearts before we were finally ready for the commitment to each other and now we are a true reflection of Gods grace and how he can restore what was once broken and turn it into a beautiful love story.

How They Asked

I was anticipating the proposal to be soon because of how much we had been talking about the future and when/where we would want to get married one day but COVID-19 had other plans. I assumed it wouldn’t be until all of this was over. Little did I know that on a Sunday during all this craziness in the world, I would say the easiest yes of my life.

We were about to have lunch with my family and he asked me to come outside with him for a second. As we are walking, the beautiful lake in the background, I see rose petals on the ground and a bible laying in the middle and I knew it was finally happening!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my house overlooking the lake

I honestly blacked out for majority, of the proposal but I do remember him reading 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and the tears streaming down his face as he could barely get through it and somewhere in the midst of all that, I said yes!! Now I can’t stop looking down at my hand every few minutes to remind myself it’s not a dream!!