Morgan and Brandon

How We Met

Six and a half years ago, Brandon and I met through mutual friends at a Dodgers vs. Angels game. I was an Angels fan and he is a Dodgers fan. He played baseball for the University of Laverne a few minutes from my hometown and I had a friend who was friends with his teammates who introduced us. A bunch of us girls decided to go to the game and we met up with him and his guy friends there to watch the rest of the game. Unfortunately, my team lost that night. I thought he was cute and not even an hour later as we are leaving the game in the Dodgers Stadium parking lot he requested to follow me on Instagram and slid into my DMs. His message said, “If you want to watch a REAL team win, ill take you to a game next time, here’s my number…” The rest was history and he’s officially converted me to a Dodgers fan!

Morgan and Brandon's Engagement in Crescent Bay Beach, Laguna Beach CA

Morgan's Proposal in Crescent Bay Beach, Laguna Beach CA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Crescent Bay Beach, Laguna Beach CA

How They Asked

Six and a half years ago, Brandon brought me down to Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach, California and wrote in the sand “will you be my girlfriend?” when I wasn’t looking. Of course, I said yes and we continued our journey since then. I am currently getting my Masters of Nursing degree in Chicago, IL and he is a Medical Device Sales rep out here in California so we have been doing long distance for almost two years now and have talked many times about our future, rings, and a good time for him to propose. He had eluded to waiting until I was done with school (June 2020) so I had no clue it was going to come this early! I am currently home on my winter break from school and Brandon told me he wanted to take me down to Orange County for the weekend to relax and grab dinner with some friends. So I packed a bag and we headed down to our hotel. Little did I know that he and my best guy friend since 3rd grade had schemed an entire day the next day for the proposal.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crescent Bay Beach, Laguna Beach CA

Everything was pretty normal that next morning. We woke up, got room service for breakfast, got coffee, and shopped around. My best guy friend texted us and asked us to meet him and his girlfriend at the beach by the restaurant we had plans to get dinner at around 3 pm. Two red flags, it was currently on and off rainy and cold and why the heck were we getting dinner that early haha. So my suspicion started when I was so confused as to why we were going to the beach in the cold weather and why dinner was so early.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Crescent Bay Beach, Laguna Beach CA

We drove down to Crescent Bay, met up with my friend and his girlfriend, and walked along the beach. We started taking pictures and I remember putting my hand on Brandon’s chest during one of the pictures and it was beating a million beats per minute. I immediately asked him if he was okay and he dropped down to one knee and proposed. Little did I know that my guy friend and his girlfriend were filming and taking pictures of the whole thing. It was beautiful and so special to me to be on the same beach we started our journey six and a half years ago.

After he proposed we went to dinner together, Facetimed and called our family members, and then the surprise continued! He had 30 of our closest friends and family members waiting at a brewery in Orange County to help us continue the celebrations! Seems like everyone knew but me and it was a dream! BEST DAY & NIGHT EVER!

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