Morgan and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met through mutual friends in 2017. We spent the weekend hanging out with our friends and getting to know each other. Only one week later he asked me to be his girlfriend. We fell in love fast. We used to joke when we had only been together 2 or three months that it had felt like years already. We get along so well. I always knew he was the one.

How They Asked

He surprised me on a Thursday evening, he kept telling me he missed me all day and wanted to have dinner. So I went over to his house and saw him peeking out the blinds when I pulled in.

When I got in he asked if I wanted to see the new tv we got set up down in the basement, he really had to convince me as I thought I was only there to eat some pizza. We went down and the room was filled with sparkly lights and balloons that said “will you marry me” he got down on one knee in the center of them. And I said YES :)

Special Thanks

Justin Rosado
 | Photographer