Morgan and Austin

Proposal Ideas Fremont,Ca

How We Met

I first met Austin in high school, I had no idea then that he would become the best part of my life. Back in school I would occasionally help him with his classes but it always seemed like he was never far away I found out later he was always so close because he liked me but couldn’t work up the courage to just tell me, we still joke about that today. When we graduated I was getting ready to go to college and Austin the Marines, he enlisted but later on got discharged for medical reasons and left California to go to Scottsdale, AZ to work at a ranch with his uncle. In that time after high school we hadn’t talked and I remember seeing all of his pictures with horses and one day he added me on Snapchat and I was so happy! I don’t think he knew how I felt but he eventually, about a year later, got home sick and came back. I had no idea he was back home yet but one day I went to lake with my friend Nikki and her boyfriend Billy and I knew Billy was friends with Austin but I was just hanging out there and Billy apparently thought we could be good together so he told Austin to come over. When he started to talk to me I started falling for him and at first things were awkward but we went to a ice cream shop and after ice cream I left with him and not Nikki and Billy. I loved his truck and from that point I could just see us being happy together, I kept daring him to kiss me and he was to scared but one night he came to my house when everyone was asleep and I snuck out to see him and I asked him are you going to kiss me or not and he did right next to the fence and it was like the spark that people talk about started to fly and as far as I could see we were hooked on each other and I was completely happy with that. He loved taking me out everywhere and on a lot backroads he knew about, he showed me his whole world and he would even take me out to the stars and pull his guitar out and surprise me with songs he wrote for me, at that point I had never felt so much love and ever since the beginning it feels like its stronger and stronger. We are now expecting our first child, a girl, In February!

how they asked

Austin has this crazy imagination and that’s one of things I love the most about him. I always had a feeling he would propose in a cool way but what he did really really surprised me. Through-out December he spent a lot of time buying Christmas decorations, he even took me with him a couple of times and I even heard him say once that he needed 8 Christmas trees and I had no idea why he would want so many trees. He also spent so much time at his house and would tell me he was just helping out his parents but he usually spent all of his time with me after work so I had no idea what he could be helping them with for so many days. Finally the best day ever came, it was Christmas Eve and we had plans to go to my grandparents about an hour an a half away for a dinner and presents. At dinner he was on his phone more than usual and he showed my family all kinds of pictures but I couldn’t see any of them for some reason and everyone was really happy I started to think maybe he plans on proposing on Christmas but I wasn’t really sure if he would or not. We headed back home and I fell asleep most of the way, when I woke up almost home he said he would have to go to his Grandparents to help set up their Christmas tree and he wanted me to go with him and to stop by his house first while he just runs in real quick to grab something. After being in the car for 15 minutes I wondered what he was getting and then he called me and asked me to come help him get something out of the backyard. When I walked in, all the lights were dimmed down and just the Christmas tree lights in the living room were on. When I opened the backdoor all of these lights came on. I saw 8 trees fully lit with Christmas lights and artificial snow and a sparkly red carpet.

I walk down to him in the middle of the huge Christmas trees even taller than Austin to see pictures of us from the beginning and recent of our relationship all hanging up on the trees. I was so surprised I didn’t even notice the sign hanging up on one of the middle trees saying “Marry me!” When I realized what the tree said, I turned around to see Austin down on one knee with the biggest smile on his face. I asked him, “What are you doing?!” when he told me to look inside the mailbox he placed between the trees saying, “Santa’s mail, special delivery.” I opened up the mailbox and saw the world’s most gorgeous ring inside and Austin asked the question, “Will you marry me and continue this adventure with me?” I of course said “YES!” and out came his parents and mine to welcome us into this new chapter of life together. Austin had built the world’s most perfect winter wonderland in his backyard.

Morgan and Austin's Engagement in Fremont,Ca

Special Thanks

Ken Freeman | 
Photographer, set up, Christmas trees, etc
Brandon Mccuin | 
Building fence used for walkway and etc
Ryan,Emerson, Yazmin | 
Christmas decoration set up